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$7 - At Last! Make Money From Video! 7 Days / 7 Businesses / 7 Dollars

Today:    Day 4 Update - "100 Businesses" - A Free Upgrade   At Last! Make Money From Video!   Opport

Would An Extra $1,000 A Month Help You?

June 29 · Issue #165 · View online
INVEST IN YOURSELF: Over $100,000 of courses. You only pay $50/month or $300/year for full access.

  1.    Day 4 Update - “100 Businesses” - A Free Upgrade
  2.    At Last! Make Money From Video!
  3.    Opportunity?

Went to Venice. The streets were flooded. I can't swim. I'm on the right, in the dark glasses, pretending not to be scared. Surrounded by deep water.
Day 4 Update - "100 Businesses" - A Free Upgrade
If you bought yesterday’s “7 Days / 7 Businesses / 7 Dollars”, please re-download it as there’s a new version which I updated overnight, in response to your suggestions.
So, yesterday, you were very happy with my “Over 100 Businesses Which You Can Start For Free - And Outsource Everything” $7 report.
I don’t think I’ve ever had so many “thank you’ emails for one report - so thank YOU!
If you missed this, it’s available for the next 24 hours only, but at $17 now.
  • Remember, each day’s offer is $7 for the first 24 hours, then $17 for the next 24 hours - then it’s gone.
The full details are in yesterday’s newsletter:
And here’s the link to get it immediately:

So, what have we got today?
At Last! Make Money From Video!
This’ll seem odd - but bear with me a moment, please, as I never do anything without a good reason, as you know!
Today, for $7, you’ll get over 200 license free music tracks and several hundred stock pictures and videos - all in tip-top quality.
Why am I recommending that you get these?
Well, next week, my business theme will be making money easily and quickly from videos - with something rather clever available to you from Wednesday.
(As I think you know, I’ve made over a million USD in this market already, so I know what works - and, more importantly, what doesn’t!)
In brief, you can make good money and get customers easily from videos - so long as you get them ranked in the search engines
On Wednesday, I’ll show you how to do this - automatically
I’ve been testing this for just over 6 weeks now … and, simply, it works.
Now to make videos this way, you’ll need some nice music - and buying good sounding music tracks is VERY expensive.
And licensed videos and photographs are also very expensive!
So, today, please grab these fully licensed music tracks, videos and pictures (you can use them freely, but you cannot sell them to other people).
Have a listen and a look (as they’re all great pieces of music and brilliant photo’s!) and I’ll show you next week how to make that extra $1,000 a month from them, with no hosting and no domain name needed.
Here’s the link to get everything for $7 (but only for the next 24 hours!):

Cat Coffee?
I think I’ve spotted a new business opportunity.
It’s at an early stage in my mind, but I read about people drinking coffee made from cat poo (yeah, I didn’t believe it either at first, but click here for the info!).
And it’s selling for about $350 a pound.
Anyway, as I say, I’m still thinking through the options, but does anyone have a dog I could borrow, please?

Chief Avoider Of Water and Head Thinker, New Doggie Opportunities Division
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