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7 Days / 7 Businesses / 7 Dollars - Wednesday

Today:    7 Days / 7 Businesses / 7 Dollars - Wednesday   a) How to Write Your Book In 30 Days   b)

Would An Extra $1,000 A Month Help You?

June 27 · Issue #163 · View online
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  1.    7 Days / 7 Businesses / 7 Dollars - Wednesday
  2.    a) How to Write Your Book In 30 Days
  3.    b) Get Your Own Tetmo Style Profitable Online Web Store

I'm on the left - Gibraltar, where Lisa and I married, is on the right. Taken aboard a Mediterranean cruise ship.
7 Days / 7 Businesses / 7 Dollars - Wednesday
There are two items for you to look at today, please.
Firstly, as you know now, for the rest of this week, it’s “7 Days / 7 Businesses / 7 Dollars” week.
Each day, I’ll reveal something new to you - and you can get it for $7.
(However, after 24 hours, the price goes up to $17, and then after another 24 hours, it will be no longer available - no exceptions, sorry! I want you to learn the techniques and business and use them to make your extra $1,000 a month).
To make sure you don’t miss anything, it might be a good idea to bookmark and check each day!).
Before I reveal today’s offer, let me remind you that yesterday’s excellent “Self Discipline For Entrepreneurs" Videos” offer is now $17.
It can be bought here, but only for 24 hours, when it will be removed from sale:
So, here’s what you will get today:
a) How to Write Your Book In 30 Days
I was talking to someone the other day who has spent the last 7 years writing his new book.
Now, his is a very technical, historical, document, but most books can actually be written in a month (and that’s not by working full time on it, incidentally).
As you know, I’ve successfully published a range of books, mostly business related, but also a (satirical!) Tourists Guide To North Korea and some children’s books.
These bring me in extra money month after month after month.
And each book adds up to a substantial income, of course.
For no extra work.
So, I’ve put together a complete guide detailing you my easy-to-follow system to create your book in 30 days.
And, of course, you can simply repeat this system for multiple books, of course.
Here are the chapters:
  • 1. Introduction
  • 2. Why This Is Possible – The 30 Day Deadline Isn’t As Extreme As It Sounds
  • 3. Step One: Identify Your Topic
  • 4. Step Two: Outline and Plan Your Book
  • 5. Step Three: Create the Book
  • 6. Step Four: You’re Not Done Yet!
  • 7. Conclusion
  • One: Creating a Winning Title and eBook 25
  • Two: Your Kindle eBook Structure
  • Three: The Writing 
  • Four: Which Category to Choose 
  • Five: Pricing Your Kindle Book 
  • Six: The Correct Way to Upload Your Book
  • Seven: How to Write an Interview Style Kindle Book
  • Eight: How to Write a “How to” Book
  • Nine: Writing a “101 Tips” or “101 Ideas for…” Book
  • Ten: Writing “All About” and “What You Need 65 to Know” Books
So, 72 pages - all for $7 for the next 24 hours.
(or $17 if you delay!).
Here’s the link for full, immediate access:

b) And, Today - Get Your Own Tetmo Style Profitable Online Web Store
As you know, I have a sales site,, which, like most similar online Stores, is very profitable.
So, would you like something similar, but stocked with courses, software and such like - but all for less than $17?
And would it help if all of the SEO stuff is done for you - and if the designer sends you visitors - with cash in their hands?
Yes, thought so! 
Well - all
  • marketing, 
  • delivery,  and
  • support
is done for you, so I’m happy to recommend that you take a look right now and buy this before the price increases.
I know that you and I love easy-to-run businesses like this!
The total fee is under $17 currently.
Even better, all of these are automated for you:
  • getting free viral traffic
  • building your list
  • generating sales & commissions
In the nicest possible way, what more can I do to get you started on the road to that extra $1,000 a month!
All of the details and an example store are here:
And, if you’re quick, it’s less than $17 for everything!
Onwards and upwards, eh!
Cheif Miss-Speller of Chief (Wednesday’s) And All Round Good Chap.
(I’m not really round though).
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