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  •    Last Day!
  •    Personal Productivity From Alun Hill
  •    Alun Hill’s System To Create Your Own 6 Figure Home Business This Year
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I'm in the middle in today's picture, just before the colored boils on my head were professionally lanced.
Last Day!
Today is the last day of “7 Days / 7 Businesses / 7 Dollars” (sob, sob!).
To create / produce everything was a, err, interesting challenge - but it was well worth it, not least for all of the lovely emails detailing how much you’d been helped - thank you!
I’ll catch up on my replies by late Monday!

  • If you missed anything, you can see the back issues of the newsletter at - there have been 6 different things over the last 6 days, which I hope you haven’t missed.
  • Remember, my goal is solely to get you that extra $1,000 a month - and I get more and more emails every month showing how you’ve achieved that, which is delightful.
This newsletter goes out to very few people and I like it that way - you’ll notice that I’ve never asked you to share with your friends and such like.
Because, ever so sadly, friends so often try to convince you that success is not possible - they want you to fail, as that “proves” to them that their own lack of even trying anything is “sensible”.
Utter tosh, of course, but ho-hum - onwards and upwards, eh!
So, how do we “go out with a bang” on the last day?
Personal Productivity From Alun Hill
Productivity sounds a bit like slogging away in a factory, working ever harder and faster - and for longer hours. Eek!
But it isn’t really.
We can all quickly become much more productive - but not by working harder or for longer hours.
Rather, we can make minor adjustments to our systems, our routines, our methods - and get much more done in a shorter time.
Perhaps most importantly, we instantly feel better, more relaxed.
And that alone makes us more profitable - the pressure to “get started”, to “do” and to “finish”, is removed.
Weirdly, just watching the videos and listening to the simple techniques immediately improves your personal productivity.
So, as you’ve guessed by now, today’s last $7 package is
  • 10 Videos
  • 10 Audio Files
  • 10 Transcripts
(I think I’ve covered all the bases that way!)
on Personal Productivity.
Just saving 10 minutes a day gives you an extra hour a week to make more money, relax, read, spend time with the family and so on.
Imagine what will happen with 20 minutes a day made more productive - you’d have an extra 2 hours a week to realize your dreams, to improve your income and, consequently, your entire life.
When I’ve taught an earlier version of these simple techniques (no meditating or stuff like that, I promise, just a clear path to increased productivity), it’s been terrific to see follow-up emails from students saying how much friends and family had noticed how much more relaxed and happy they were - that’s lovely!
One great lecture teaches you what the letters in the word “F.O.C.U.S.” really stand for - that one lecture alone can increase your wealth and happiness immediately.
(And there are 9 other very relevant videos, remember, all with the audios and transcripts!).
All 10 videos, transcripts and audios are here for seven dollars:
This fee increases to $17 after 24 hours, please remember!
Alun Hill's System To Create Your Own 6 Figure Home Business This Year
I talk a lot about the beauty of simple systems to ensure success.
This was the subject of yesterday’s offer - details here:
It’s available for the last few hours on this link:

Reminder: 100 Businesses You Can Start And Outsource Everything Today
I agreed yesterday to extend this over the weekend, so this is the last few hours it will be available.
Here’s the links, for the last time:
Full details are in Thursday’s issue:
and you can download the whole report instantly here for $17:

Back On Monday!
Chief Recipient of Poor Photography (by Lisa) and Productivity Division Lead Designer and Wannabee Reindeer Walker.
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