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79 Courses For $20 - Final Day - Issue #100

Wow - it's the 100th issue of my daily newsletter!

Would An Extra $1,000 A Month Help You?

April 11 · Issue #100 · View online
INVEST IN YOURSELF: Over $100,000 of courses. You only pay $50/month or $300/year for full access.

Wow - it’s the 100th issue of my daily newsletter!

On the London Eye. I'm in the middle, Ben is to your right.
79 Courses For $20 - Final Day
  1. “Make Money Online” Made Easy
  2. “The Complete Amazon S3 Course”
  3. 10,000 Royalty Free Photos
  4. 169 Interviews With Successful Online Business People
  5. 45 Days To An Extra $1,000 A Month
  6. 55 Books You Must Read - From “What Home Business To Start” To “Getting Venture Capital”
  7. Aerial 4K And HD Stock Footage
  8. Airbnb
  9. Alun Hill’s List Building Profit Kit
  10. AMAZON FBA – Learn The Top Items That You Should Be Selling!
  11. Atmosphere Stock Audio Tracks
  12. Ballad Stock Audio Tracks
  13. Beats Stock Audio Tracks
  14. Big Business Blueprint
  15. Business Success Stories
  16. CPA - Secrets To The Simplest Way To Make Money Online
  17. Cpanel Hosting Secrets
  18. Discover 20 Online Business Ideas You Can Start Today
  19. Discover The 10 Success Habits Of Wealth and Success
  20. Do You Want To Start Making Money Later Today?
  21. Dropbox
  22. Email Marketing And Segmentation Success Revealed
  23. Email Marketing Success Revealed
  24. Facebook Ads Made Easy
  25. Facebook Marketing Made Easy
  26. Five Plots For Romance Stories
  27. Home Business - Amazon FBA - How To Turn $10 Into $15,737
  28. How I Get New Clients For 2c Each
  29. How To (Easily!) Make Good Money On Instagram
  30. How To Create A Profitable Niche Business From Scratch Within Hours From Now
  31. How To Dominate YouTube
  32. How to Get Recurring Income Month After Month After Month
  33. How To Make Money Writing Copy
  34. How To Turn Your Book Into A Course - Easily!
  35. How To Work From Home
  36. Hulu
  37. It’s Time For You To Start Making Good Money From Amazon
  38. Learn How To Create A Profitable Blog
  39. Lululemon
  40. Make $10,000 Per Month After Only 90 Days
  41. Make $15 Over And Over Again - At No Cost And With No Advertising - Amazon Does It All For You!
  42. Making Fast Cash On Instagram The Easy Way
  43. Making Money With Wordpress: Simple 4 Step System
  44. Mastering Your Own Destiny
  45. My Seven Tried and Tested Ways of Making Money Online
  46. Online Success Secrets
  47. Overcoming “Information Overload” - How To Be Successful
  48. Press Release Secrets
  49. Rockstar Games
  50. Samsung
  51. See How ANYONE Can Live The Internet Business Lifestyle!
  52. See How I Made A Million Dollars
  53. Self Publishing Secrets - Learn From Stephen King!
  54. Social Media Training
  55. Soylent
  56. Spotify
  57. Start Your Own High-Ticket-Price Coaching Business
  58. Success Is Easy!
  59. Successful and Profitable Webinars
  60. Successful Content Syndication Explained
  61. The 4 (Easiest!) Internet Businesses You Should Start This Week!
  62. The 4 Week Self-Publishing System
  63. The All New Guide To Search Engine Optimization
  64. The All New Sales Funnel Playbook
  65. The Complete Dropshipping 101 Success Guide
  66. The Complete Home Business Success Course
  67. The Complete Internet Marketing Expert Course
  68. The Completely Up To Date Course On Creating Videos Using Camtasia!
  69. The Disruptive Entrepreneur
  70. The Lazy Person’s Guide to Consistent Online Profits Using Nothing More Than A Computer, An Armchair & Some Good Strong Coffee!
  71. The Live 4-Week Lead Generation Workshop
  72. The Mantras and Personal Affirmations Book
  73. The Secrets Of Email Lists Revealed
  74. The Six Ways To Make Money Online - Using The Power Of Social Media!
  75. The Split Testing Master Course
  76. There Are 5 Ways To Passive Income - Here They Are All Revealed
  77. Using Wordpress To Power Your Network Marketing Business
  78. Would An Extra $1,000 a Month Help You?
  79. Your Own, Easily Run, Home Business With Alibaba
All 79 courses are available for the last time today at $20/month or $60/year.
Later today, the price increases to $50/month or $300/year - but if you register today, you’re guaranteed the $20/month or $60/year for life - no price increase ever.
And you get all future courses (at least 2 every month) at no extra cost, ever.
They currently sell individually for over $92,000 - seeing them all gives you the widest possible choice on deciding how you will make your extra $1,000 a month.
Here’s the link - final opportunity:
Alun's Been Thinking With His Head ....
  • Flat Earthers never seem to appreciate how lucky we are that the Earth is horizontal rather than vertical
  • Yes, squirrels are cute, but the sound they make when climbing a tree sounds exactly like a giant spider frantically crawling down the bedroom wall
  • A person who has not learned much is uneducated, but a person who refuses to learn is stupid
  • If the Earth was flat, cats would have knocked everything off of it by now
  • How come there are more KFCs in Budapest than in Kentucky?
  • We are currently witnessing the making of the sequel to The Social Network
  • For someone who owns the most popular social networking platform in the world, Mark Zuckerberg is a very awkward person
  • Using text to speech on a Stephen Hawking ebook is very weird

‘til tomorrow!
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