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🤬An Email (Well, 4!) Has Flooded In ...

Today:    An Email (Well, 4!) Has Flooded In ...   No Paying For Advertising!   Alun's Been Thinking.

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  •    An Email (Well, 4!) Has Flooded In …
  •    No Paying For Advertising!
  •    Alun’s Been Thinking…
  •    Quick Reminder!

Commuting in New York. Well, in their Metro Museum, where my favourite movie "The Taking Of Pelham 1-2-3" was partly filmed. I'm standing up near the middle of the train, hanging from a strap thing. In yellow. Me, not the strap.
An Email (Well, 4!) Has Flooded In ...
I received 4 emails for the same student between 11pm last night and 6am this morning, my time.
In each one, he got increasingly angry that he couldn’t find my “24-hour technical support number” and that my “technical support guys” were not responding to him instantly.
His complaint was that one of my $7 offers last week was too big for his computer - and he wanted to know “what I was going to do about it”.
I avoided the temptation to tell him that he needs a bigger computer or he needs a tidy-up (the file was just under 30mb!), although I was tempted, I’ll admit.
As you know, it’s just me here - with Lisa helping, of course - and I couldn’t possibly answer phones 24/7 of course!
And I know that you accept and understand that!
He’d been getting my daily newsletter for 12 months, so since the very early issues.
As I said to him, politer perhaps than I needed to have been, I have readers and students and clients worldwide, and couldn’t possibly offer a phone service … especially for a $7 product.
I also told him that I’d happily refunded his seven dollars.
He came back, ever ruder, and insisted that I should offer such a service and it was “disgraceful” that he’d “bought a product online without telephone help”.
I explained, gently, that presumably he subscribes to my newsletter to learn how to start and run a business of his own. 
And that he would find it very difficult to offer the service he was requesting, too. 
And that I’m really trying to get him to learn the realities of business (even Microsoft, Facebook and Google don’t have telephone help desks).
He replied that this was different, as apparently all of these companies are “free” and he’d paid $7.
There’s no helping some people is there?
He’s no longer a subscriber … err, obviously.
Which is good - I can now reply to sensible emails and help genuine people that much quicker!
Agree / disagree?
Do let me know, please! 
Here’s my email:
I’d better add that over 99% of all the emails I get are lovely - and I really enjoy reading them, helping you to surmount a problem and increase your income and success!
Apart from weekends (when it might be as late as Monday before I can reply depending on what I’m doing), I (almost!) always answer the next day my time (the newsletter goes out at 6.50pm my time!).
Do you remember this? I only discovered it 2 weeks ago!
No Paying For Advertising!
As you know, I really hate spending money on advertising.
Unless you can put a lot of money in to test all of the variables, such as
  • Choosing the place(s) to advertise
  • Deciding how much you should pay (cost per click)
  • Finding your target market
  • Choosing the advert wording
and so on, you will generally fail.
I get people arguing about this with me almost daily, but in each case, this is because other people tell them to spend money - and these people are always selling some ultra-expensive “course” which “spills the secrets” of advertising online. 
Ho, hum!
So, thank you for the instant response to my 2 newest (and, in my humble view, the best)  courses, which were released yesterday.
A couple of people said the courses were “long”, but which would you rather do:
  1. Study the course?
  2. Spend money on advertising?
  3. Never get clients?
Of course, answer 1 is the most profitable. 
And the least stressful.
And the cheapest!
The two courses are $2,200 each, but using this link, you’ll get them both for $50:
Full details are in yesterday’s email here:
Over 130 video lectures - and you will easily get clients and profits - and never spend a penny on advertising!
Alun's Been Thinking...
  • If you click on a pop-up ad for an IQ test, you are probably not too high in the rankings
  • Vampires shouldn’t be able to exist since the moon is just reflecting the light of the sun
  • Horses run around on their fingernails
  • There are probably a lot of good products that never get purchased due to bad reviews from incompetent users.
Quick Reminder!
I have something very exciting to show you in tomorrow’s newsletter, so please don’t miss it!
You can sit at home and make good money, with no website, no hosting, no customers - which is always the best sort of business to have, yes?
Chief Respondent To Weird Emails And Junior Assistant To The Senior Assistant Of The 24 Hour Non-Existent Live Phone Answering Service.
Also, Air Conditioning Filters Washed - My First Job When I Visit My Mum-In-Law Tonight!
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