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Today: Update On Tens Of Thousands Of Articles - Over 1500 Categories Last Chance To Easily

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August 13 · Issue #205 · View online
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  1. Update On Tens Of Thousands Of Articles - Over 1500 Categories
  2. Last Chance To Easily Make Money As An Affiliate
  3. Are You Serious?

Cake is good! I'm on the left, in purple. The slim person in orange wearing a strange hat is actually a light.
Update On Tens Of Thousands Of Articles - Over 1500 Categories
I’ve had a few requests for some sort of contents list.
That’s rather difficult, actually, because there’s just so many articles!
However, I’ve put a 17 page (!) PDF together, which shows some of the over 1,500 categories.
You can download the list from here:
Also, if you’ve already paid and don’t have the link to the articles, books and reports in Dropbox, please email me and I’ll send you the link.
I added Dropbox as it’s so much easier for you to save and / or download them to your computer.
The fee is currently $27 for all of around a million articles, books and reports and this includes all of the new articles, reports and books that I’m adding.
I’ll also be adding another 20 full books tomorrow.
Note: you can use them as you wish:
  • Create your own reports - no editing required.
  • Add them to blogs.
  • Sell them.
  • Create books and ebooks (do you remember my hint from yesterday? Kindle Short Reads at 99c each sell like crazy - so do a series on a topic. Then choose another topic!).
  • Study them - you’ll learn so much!
  • Give them to your children’s schools
  • Use them at work
  • Edit them or use them as they are - your choice
The only thing you can’t do is use my name, please, as it could be seen as me promoting your product or service, of course!
You can pay here and get instant full access to all of the articles, books and reports:

Last Chance To Easily Make Money As An Affiliate
I mentioned last week that you can now become an affiliate AND have a website stocked with fast selling products and services in a few minutes.
Many of my newsletter readers took advantage of this last week and are already making money, as am I, from this.
However, today is the last day that you can do this without paying a hefty monthly fee.
So, to “nudge” you into profit, if you use my Coupon Code “quick12”, you’ll not only save $12, but you’ll also get everything for a few dollars - and you’ll never pay any monthly or ongoing fees.
(Advice from Alun - do take the “Professional+Commercial” Option please!)

Are You Serious?
If you’re serious about starting a sizeable business, I’ll have two for sale on Wednesday.
  • One business is $10,000, but you only pay a $5,000 instalment now, with the balance from your profits after one year. There’ll be a guaranteed profit of $20,000 (profit, not sales!) in the first year.
  • The other business will only be $7,000 ($3,500 payable now, balance in one year), with a guarantee of profit of $11,000 in the first year.
In each case, these are complete online businesses, and have been fully researched.
You will need up to an hour a day to run them (much less initially), but the profits are exceptionally good.
First come, first served, please - it’s the only way I can do this, of course.
For serious buyers, I’ll be happy to speak with you openly on Skype or by phone.

Alun, who’s decided to have another cake after dinner tonight. With icing, ‘cos its hot here!
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