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Are You Serious? More Details, As Promised

Today: Are You Serious? More Details, As Promised Existing Store Owners Alun's Been Doin

Would An Extra $1,000 A Month Help You?

August 15 · Issue #207 · View online
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  1. Are You Serious? More Details, As Promised
  2. Existing Store Owners
  3. Alun’s Been Doing Thinking Again ….

One of these is Johnny English. The other is me. Can you work out which is which, please?
Are You Serious? More Details, As Promised
Please only read this if you’re serious about having a real business, one that can make you a very good income part time.
  • And can be grown into a full time business, if you wish.
  • Or can be sold for a multiple of your turnover.
One thing first, please.
I’m giving you the outline details of the business here.
But I won’t disclose more unless you’re seriously interested and have the time and money to run this.
I’m happy if you wish, to speak with you on Skype or by telephone of course, to progress this.
I really don’t have time for people who will waste mine and their time, sorry - but this is a business we’re talking about.
I’ll charge you a fee for setting up the business.
You need to work.
Don’t think just owning a business means you can retire tomorrow, please.
You’ll get full training, but you need to do what it shows if you want an income.
I can set you up, but you need to do the work to build the business ever bigger.
We’re taking about an online Dropshipping business, with 1,500 to 3,000 fast selling items already installed.
As you’ll have seen me mention many times, I’ve set many people up in this business with terrific results.
The only hard work, owners of current drop shipping stores tell me, is adding more items into the store - each one only takes a little time, but it all adds up, hence I will add 1,500 or 3,000 items to really get you going!
You never need to buy any stock.
Everything is shipped from the warehouse for you, with you and your customers automatically receiving continually updated tracking and delivery reports.
All items will be delivered free of charge, anywhere in the world.
This really increases sales and repeat orders, of course.
As orders come in each day (you are paid up front), you need to process the orders (each one only takes seconds, as this is fully automated).
You have instant cash flow, of course, with none of the downsides of other businesses - no stock, no premises, no phone calls, almost zero customer support.
To help you, you have my extensive training and a forum and help-desk.
There are 2 such online Stores available:
The first one is $10,000 and has a guaranteed first year profit (not income) of $20,000.
This store has 3,000 items.
You only pay half of this (so $5,000) now, and the balance is due in 1 years time from your profits.
The second store is $7,000 and has a guaranteed profit of $11,000 in the first year.
This store has 1,500 items.
You only pay half of this (so $3,500) now, and the balance is due in 1 years time from your profits.
To be clear, if you don’t make the agreed profit, you do not have to pay any of the balance at any time - that way, both you and I have every incentive to make you a success, of course.
The other great thing is that the stores are filled with items that people buy not only multiples of, but they also come back to repeat buy, time and time again.
50% of the initial payment is due on ordering (so $2,500 or $1,750 depending on whether you choose Store 1 or Store 2).
The balance, again $2,500 or $1,750, due within 24 hours of delivery to you - this takes 7 to 10 working days from receipt of your order and deposit.
Again, the balance is only payable one year later, if you’ve hit the profit levels ($20,000 and $11,000, respectively).
You will need up to an hour a day to run a store (much less for the first month or 2), but the profits are exceptionally good.
The stock listings (descriptions, SEO, multiple photo’s, reviews), the software licence, the hosting, the SSL (https) security and the domain are included, along with the training.
You need no prior experience or knowledge to run a store.
Already completed for you:
  • The research on trends and demand
  • Ensured that there are thousands of positive (4 and 5 star) reviews from buyers worldwide, with their comments - these are all included within your store
  • Picked the products with the highest ratings and the best commercial potential
  • Checked the quality and feedback of products
  • Chosen trusted and reliable suppliers for you
If you want to see a (much smaller!) sample store, please see
First come, first served, please - it’s the only way I can do this, of course.
Do email me ASAP if you have any questions, please, or wish to reserve one of the 2 stores.

Existing Store Owners
If you’ve already bought a Dropshipping Store from me and want me to add more items for you, let me know, please and I can do that.

Alun's Been Doing Thinking Again ....
  • When you say ‘back’, your lips move back. When you say ‘forward’, your lips move forward
  • People holding open doors for you is either a very nice gesture or a very annoying gesture depending upon how far away you are from the door
  • One meter per second is 3.57 billionths of a camel step per dog year
  • If a machine isn’t working, it’s broke. If a person is not working, they’re broke
  • Have you noticed that sometimes it takes 3 tries to plug in a USB?

Alun, who knows you were moving your lips to say “back” and “forward”!
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