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As Promised - How I Cracked Amazon - Eventually!


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March 6 · Issue #76 · View online
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Anyone recognize Amazon new buildings in Seattle under construction?
As Promised - How I Cracked Amazon - Eventually!
I mentioned yesterday that I would be revealing something exciting today, based around - do take a look if you haven’t already, please.
Let me give you some background, please.

I’ve thought for years that Amazon’s affiliate program was fabulous, especially as you know you can trust them to deliver the goods, to look after the customers - and to pay you on time, never a quibble.
However, I’ve never, until now, been able to find a way to actually make money from it - because of several inherent flaws.

Thanks to a chance encounter with the head of a team of programmers from Bulgaria in a coffee shop outside Amazon’s Seattle Washington HQ (I’ll talk to anyone, on planes, in lifts, in coffee shops - it’s called networking - yes, I get rebuffed or meet boring people often …. but I also make great contacts!), I’ve cracked all of the flaws.
Yes, all of ‘em.
Since returning from the US, we’ve spent many hours trying to work out how to do this - I even took a flat in Sofia, Bulgaria’s capital city, where I’ve been often working from in recent months so that we could spend cracking these problems, rather than trying to do it via email and Skype.

Here goes: 
If you want to do a website about Amazon products, then Amazon insist, rightly, that any prices and stock levels you show must be accurate, as their prices change regularly, sometimes even hourly. 
Now that’s a perfectly reasonable thing to insist upon, as customers don’t get a shock - but it’s a nightmare for affiliates, as you’d need to check and update every single price constantly. 
And that’s impossible if you have more than a very few items.
… and we have at least 5,000 items in each niche - with at least 50,000 reviews.
We cracked that. 
Our Amazon affiliate stores take the live prices, in real time, direct from Amazon. 
You never need to update your store - it’s updated automatically.
(You’ll see the word automatically a few times today, incidentally!)
This means that you can have a massive range of items and never have to update the site in any way.
And not only are the prices up to the second, but so are the photo’s, descriptions, reviews - everything.

The next problem we had to crack is that people go to Amazon to buy things, but it’s impossible to know if you’re buying at the biggest discount - Amazon doesn’t allow you to search by discount, so you never know if you could have bought cheaper (imagine that in a “real” shop - the same items at vastly different prices!).
So, we had a long think about this - with plenty of dark Bulgarian coffee, of course … and we combined this with another problem.
People search online for a specific item that they require.
If there’s a website showing that specific item / range of items only, that’s great. 
But if that site also only shows Amazon items that are discounted by 50%, then bingo - they click on it! 
Ours do exactly, that - automatically.
If that site then shows 5,000 (at least!) items in that niche, bingo again, obviously. 
We do this - automatically (that word, again!).

So, we built niche sites that only show - in real time, remember - Amazon items at half price. 
You can’t even do that on Amazon!
So, you have a website, running very fast, with Amazon items at half price in a niche that the buyer is already interested in.
Will they buy?
Well, often, yes they will, as you’re “feeding their need” - you’re supplying exactly what they are searching for only better - the holy grail of online marketing.
But let’s make it a bit better, we thought.
Amazon commissions are 3% to 10% or so, depending on a complicated variety of factors.
Good enough, of course, as we don’t have to deal with customers, shipping, service, returns - indeed we don’t have to deal with anything - we just take the money that Amazon sends us as regularly and as reliably as clockwork.

But - can we make it even better?
Sounds impossible.
So we had long chats with Amazon. 
We made sure we complied with all of their complicated rules, so that you don’t have to. 
(The site you can buy today has no less than 7 expensively created legal pages built in, just to keep Amazon ultra-happy).
And that has a very clever result. 
One that has been nigh on impossible to do, until today.
You see, Amazon tracks every click from our niche sites to Amazon - with a cookie. 
That’s how they track where the sales come from and who to pay.
But, because we do everything fully within their strict rules, it actually doesn’t matter whether the customer buys or not.
Alun’s gone mad - that’s silly”, you’re saying. 
I can hear you!
Well no ….
Because the cookie lasts for 90 days.
What does that mean?
It means that you get a full commission on nearly every purchase that person buys on Amazon for the next 90 days.
That’s the nearest you’re ever going to get to permanent residual income!
And if they come back to your site, the cookie starts all over again, for another 90 days.
(You’ve noticed that I said “nearly every purchase”. Out of the millions and millions and millions of items that Amazon sell, a few, mostly in alcohol and fresh food, are not commissionable, just to be clear - but it’s so tiny a number, let’s ignore it, please!).
So, so far, we have achieved:
- automatic updates
- 5,000 items minimum
- 50,000 public reviews, minimum
- automatic display of items at 50% discount
- automatic 90 days of earnings

Now, what else could we solve?
Well, Amazon has 9 different sites - UK, Japan, and so on. - USA - accounts for about 60% of sales - but if your store only shows the American store, you’re ignoring 40% of sales. 
And therefore you’re ignoring 40% of earnings. 
So, our sites automatically (of course!) display the correct Amazon store for the country your visitor comes from.
They’re in London? They’ll see British pounds and UK stock from Amazon UK.
They’re in Tokyo? They see Japanese Yen and Amazon Japan.
The same for all of the other Amazon countries - automatically, remember. 
I’m very proud of that.
So you earn world-wide, with no handling of orders, no dealing with payments or customers etc. 
I don’t think that’s been possible on Amazon, before - certainly not without lots of time spent updating items and prices daily.
So, were on a roll now!

What else can we add?
Well, more and more purchases are made on cell phones and tablets, so the sites have to be totally “mobile responsive”.
We did that - check the test site on your phone, please!

Here’s a clever thing that customers really love - but was very hard to do.
On the site, the visitor can choose a higher discount, just to see if they can get higher discounts. We use a simple looking slider - but behind the scenes, it’s scarey powerful.
We achieved that - your site visitors can search, in a second, for even greater discounts.
Can you see the power of that?
And, as always, it works automatically and in real time -  do try it, please!

How about a very fast search?
Done - try it, within the niche, on the test site!
Automatically and in real time.

Full details of the product, fast and accurate?
Done. Automatically.
Try clicking on any product. See the vast range of detail shown. And the reviews.

“Add to cart” - done.

“Buy now”? Done?

Share your find with your friends on Facebook? Done.

Same for Twitter and Google+? Done.

So, how much is it for a ready built site like this, with a .com very relevant domain, https: SSL security and all the features above (and a few more!)?
Those who respond before tomorrow’s newsletter will get their site at $150 to $250.
As always, I will increase the cost as the week goes by.
Because I have always found that those who respond quickest tend to be those who then make a success of things.
First come, first served, as I promised yesterday.

Here’s what’s available today (I won’t publish the domain names here for obvious reasons):
Niche 1: Half Price Fashion (here, there are 5 different niches available) - Cost today $250 (higher commissions to you!)
Niche 2: Half Price Toys - Cost today $150
Niche 3: Half Price Baby Products - Cost today $150
Niche 4: Half Price Electronics - Cost today $150
Niche 5: Half Price Pet Supplies (here, there are 4 different niches available) - Cost today $200 (higher commissions to you!)

(And if you’re an annual member of Tetmo, or if you join today, you can choose any of the sites above at only $140, not $150 to $250!).
Tomorrow the prices increase, do remember, please.
There’s nothing more to pay and delivery of the completed site is 3 to 4 days from payment.
If you want to increase your income, in the accompanying training I’ll show you how to spend a few minutes a day - or less than 30 minutes a week, if you prefer - to generate more visitors to your store.
There’ll be no cost to you to do this, of course (I hate paying for adverts!), just a little bit of time. 
The training takes about 5 minutes!

Sorry, but it has to be first come, first served, today for what, again, I trust are obvious reasons.
I’ll have a few more niches ready tomorrow, but they’ll cost more.

Any questions, please ask me, but I don’t do sales talk, I won’t promise you’ll make millions and I’m not suggesting that this is sponsored by Amazon in any way (a lawyer told me to say that, obviously!).

Your move …..

Email me, - saying which niche you want, please (for fashion and pet supplies, I’ll choose the best niche, unless you have a preference) - and I’ll send you a PayPal invoice which you’ll need to pay to secure your site.

You’ll have the site and the training within 4 working days - hopefully sooner.
Onwards and upwards!

Alun's Been Thinking About Amazon ....
  • Amazon was originally named Cadabra, as in ‘Abracadabra’, but it was scrapped after several people misheard it as ‘cadaver’!
  • Other proposed names included (after Captain Picard’s frequent command in Star Trek),,, and Even today, if you type into a web browser it will redirect you to Amazon.
  • The first book ever sold was “Looking Over A Cliff” by Oregon writer Eileen Dover.
  • Many of Amazon’s book distributors required them to order 10 books at a time. But in their early days, they couldn’t afford to so every time they needed to fill a customer’s order they would order the one book they needed, and nine copies of an obscure book on lichens which they knew was always out of stock! Clever!
  • At launch, the site wasn’t actually finished which resulted in a huge programming error - this allowed sneaky customers to trick Amazon into sending them money. By ordering a negative quantity of books Amazon would credit the money to their bank card.
  • The office had a bell installed that would ring every time someone made a purchase. Within a few days, sales were happening so frequently that they had to throw it out.
  • In the early days of Amazon, Bezos got employees pick out the 20 strangest titles sold every week and awarded a prize for the weirdest. Some of the reported winners included “Training Goldfish Using Dolphin Training Techniques” and “How To Start Your Own Country”.
  • Amazon’s total revenue in 2018 was over $60 billion. In the last quarter alone.
  • And that was a 38% increase on the year before.

Only one of these facts is untrue - did you spot it?


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