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My 2nd home is in Vienna, Austria - voted last week as the best city in the world to live in. This is me outside the world famous Riding School. Terrific place, highly recommended!
Talking About Success
Now, I don’t very often mention the successes of my students as I’m very conscious of one simple fact.
Just because they’ve been successful, does not mean that you will be successful, too.
And the opposite is true, of course - with help and training you can do so much better ….
The simple thing is that whilst what I show and teach you is proven in real-world scenarios, you need to actually study the training, keep to the rules where appropriate … oh, and take action.
I was watching the UK equivalent of Shark Tank yesterday.
A guy makes brilliant coffee.
He’s decided to set up a shop selling the coffee.
In London’s Oxford St.
He wanted about $100,000 to set everything up.
(On the British version, people tend to ask for a lot less money than than on the US version of the show!)
But he had no idea what a shop there would cost him (clue: a lot more than that on one of the world’s premiere shopping streets).
Or what it would cost to fit out the shop.
(A lot more than the $10,000 he thought).
He hadn’t thought out staffing costs, either.
And he had zero experience of running a business.
(Well, to be fair he had sold $12,000 of coffee in the last 12 months, making about $60 a week. If you can call that business experience!)
And he “guessed” that he could sell 600 cups of coffee a day - but he had no data of any kind to back that theory up.
So his sales forecast was a mere “desire”.
Not a fact.
Starting a business and investing into it with no knowledge, no experience, no guidance is crazy.
There’s a reason why you have learn to become a doctor, a bus driver, a pilot - or a street sweeper.
You need to be taught everything by people with experience.
And you need to know that there’s actually a market there.
And that’s what I happily do for you.
So, that brings me back to success.
Last week, I again offered 2 x Dropshipping Stores, fully stocked.
No cashflow, no stock to hold.
Easy to manage in a few minutes each day.
And I made an interesting promise of $20,000 guaranteed earnings in the first year.
One lady spoke with me on Skype.
And went ahead.
As of today, Monday, she has already made $800.
To stress, she made that.
That’s her profit.
Now, you probably won’t do the same.
You likely saw the details a couple of times last week.
And you delayed.
She didn’t delay.
She took action.
She made some money.
Your move ….

Here’s some more quotes from successful Dropshipping Store owners - using the same methodology and proven practices as you will learn:
“Dropshipping Story by Mousslim: $3,500 in 45 Days”
“Kate Runs A Drop Shipping Store That Generates $32,000+ Per Month”
“Successful Drop Shipping Businesses: €4,100+ In 30 Days”
“From 0 To $1358.41 In 52 Days: This Is How Yan Does Dropshipping”
“I Never Knew (Dropshipping) Was That Easy”: $28,000+ In Sales In Just 30 Days!
You can get all of these interviews as a 37 page PDF here, for free - I’ve also added it to the training.

One Store (only!) is still available and I’m happy to send more details if you’re serious about this - see this edition of the newsletter, please, for outline details and email me ASAP:

Bananas In Korea
Here’s a great piece of business thinking.
You know when you buy bananas, you get, say, 6?
All ready to eat.
But you leave some until tomorrow.
And some until the day after.
But by then, they’re off.
A Korean supermarket thought about this.
So now they sell bananas, still in packs of 6.
But 2 will be ripe for eating today.
2 will be ripe tomorrow - and 2 the day after.
Clever thinking, eh?
Can you get more creative in your business?
Not only can it increase sales - but it will also get you free worldwide publicity!

4,000 Sold In The Last 6 Days
I didn’t mention this to you last week, as I wanted to check it out more fully.
However, I’m now very happy to recommend this to you - even more so, as I’ve seen that it has over had over 4,000 customers since last Tuesday!
However, because it does so much - and is so suitable for so many - it’s actually difficult to describe everything here ….
So, let’s agree this, please.
If any of these apply to you ….
  • you want to make some money
  • you want a business today
  • you need graphics
  • you use Facebook, LinkedIn or Twitter
  • you want new customers
  • you want more sales
… then you need to get this impressive program, please.
Full details are here:

Alun, who likes bananas.
Which are herbs, apparently!
And there’s no such thing as a banana tree, because they’re not trees!
Amazing, isn’t it!
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