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Can You Press These Buttons, Please?

If you can press these buttons (training included), you can make money online today.

Would An Extra $1,000 A Month Help You?

August 6 · Issue #198 · View online
INVEST IN YOURSELF: Over $100,000 of courses. You only pay $50/month or $300/year for full access.

If you can press these buttons (training included), you can make money online today.

I'm on the left on a 4 day railtour of England and Scotland for charity - we're overtaking another train which was racing with us. We won!
Can You Press These Buttons, Please?
As I’ve mentioned so many times in these daily newsletters, one of the most profitable ways to make that extra $1,000 a month is through affiliate sites.
Let me explain briefly why - and then tell you that today you can set some affiliate websites up by just clicking a few buttons (no, honestly!).
  1. Being an affiliate means that you offer someone else’s products or services on a website of your own.
  2. You then get a hefty commission on every sale.
  3. You get visitors and customers to the site via Social Media, for free, if you do as I show you.
You can see already that this is both good and bad.
Good - because:
  • you have no dealing with customers
  • no emails
  • no deliveries and so on - everything is done for you - you just get paid!
Bad - because you need to:
  • find products and services to offer
  • build a website and get people to it
  • add e-commerce shopping carts (shudder!)
  • you need to write articles
  • add videos
  • get customers
Hmm, not so good….
Well, I can today set you up with everything, so that you can start earning real money later today - you just follow a simple instruction video and click the buttons.
This easy to use software program (which works online - there’s no need to download anything) as:
  • it creates beautiful, professional, websites immediately
  • it adds relevant content
  • it adds relevant videos
  • it builds you a mailing list, if you wish
  • it adds SEO, to ensure you’re listed in Google and Bing
  • it gives you full stats and analytics - and:
  • you don’t need to buy your own domain
  • you don’t need to buy a website or hosting
… all after you just press a few buttons.
And, yes, you really only have to click the buttons to set everything up.
Your first online affiliate store may take you 10 or 15 minutes to complete - but then you’ll be able to do all of your additional stores in about 5 minutes each.
I probably need to stress again that there is no learning curve - you can really have your own Affiliate Store ready for customers in a few minutes.
And then you can build more and more of them!
Now for the, err, awkward bit …
As always, I’ve been testing this for some weeks along with some of my students.
I want to tell you how much we made, both individually and in total.
But if I do, some countries say that by giving you these figures, I would imply you would do exactly the same.
Silly, I know.
But there’s always idiots who get jealous, who want to spoil things.
So, I’ll just say this:
It works.
And, if you do as the training shows, you can do better - much better!
And, as I always try so hard to let you start a business for very little money, everything is yours for just $17.
My plan of advice for you is simple:
  1. Spend the $17 right now.
  2. Start your first site today or tomorrow.
  3. See the money you’re making by the end of this week.
  4. Kick yourself on Saturday for not creating more Stores already!
Where else can you make money, legitimately, so quickly and so easily?
I’ll say it again - you don’t need any experience / technical knowledge etc - it’s all done for you.
You just click the buttons.
There’s an info page here which goes into more detail - and you can have full access immediately:
Can I remind to you of one more thing, please?
I’ve got you the $17 price today, Monday, but it will increase - so the quicker you act, not only do you save on the fee, but you also will be earning sooner, too.
Conference Update
Thank you to the 103 readers of my newsletter who joined me over the 3 day Conference which finished yesterday.
Your comments and thanks were lovely!
I’m delighted that I could give so many of you an introduction to our 18 speakers - and to get them to tell you of the successful online businesses that they’re running!
You’ve learnt so much from this weekend - and I hope that you took lots of notes!
Alun, who loves researching these businesses for you!
I try very hard to get you interested in businesses that you can run immediately, with no experience.
And when, like today, I can get you early access for only $17, I become very happy.
And I know you do too!
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