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Celebrate Issue #200 With Me - Get Everything Today


Would An Extra $1,000 A Month Help You?

August 8 · Issue #200 · View online
INVEST IN YOURSELF: Over $100,000 of courses. You only pay $50/month or $300/year for full access.

No, it's not Forrest Gump - it's me! With a box of chocolates, on the right, of course.
Celebrate Issue #200 With Me - Get Everything Today
It’s the 200th edition of this daily newsletter today - hurrah!
Here’s what I’m going to do for you:
Firstly, let me give you the background.
If you want to earn good money online, here’s the 4 step easy way to do it:
  1. Offer something really good for free
  2. Collect an email address to send it to
  3. Send it
  4. Offer an even better product / service / book / video etc for a fee
So, why does this work so well?
Well, it’s a combination of 2 things:
  • The first is that people won’t buy unless they know you or your brand.
  • The other is known as the “reciprocity principle”.
We’re all the same - we need to trust someone before we spend our money with them.
So, by giving away something of exceptional value, we instantly break that first barrier.
You have proven that your product / service is good and you’ve given instant delivery in their email.
And you’ve got permission to email them other items in future - this builds your email list, of course.
(And the rule of thumb is that every email address you have is worth around $2 to $4 per month, so a small 500 address list is worth at least $1,000 to $2,000 every month!)
They trust you because the item is of good value and it’s something they’re interested in.
Now comes the easy bit - reciprocity.
They’ve shown interest in your item, you’ve instantly delivered it for free with no obligations, no fees, nothing.
They are obviously interested in your niche and want more information - and they’re happy to buy from you, of course.
And reciprocity simply means that you’ve helped them, so they want to reciprocate - they’ll now buy from you.
So you automatically offer something to buy, still in the same niche, of course.
And they buy.
And they’ll buy from you again and again.
And this is known in marketing as a webstore “funnel”.
Ahh, you think that you’ve seen some “problems”, haven’t you!
  • A webstore funnel sounds hard to create
  • And you need products to give away and to sell, of course
  • And you’d need a domain and hosting
  • And you’d need training - a live webinar would help, of course
Well, as I promised, let’s celebrate the 200th issue together, by solving all of this!
Here’s what you’ll get today:
  • Hundreds of products to sell and to give away
  • A push-button system to create every page of your webstore “funnel” in a few seconds
  • Give away your products, and to deliver them immediately online, all automatically
  • Then the offer of a paid relevant item is automatically offered, sold and sent
  • Domains and hosting are included
  • A live webinar and online training are included, showing why you never need to spend any money to advertise your funnels
  • You keep all of the income - there’s nothing to pay me or anyone else
  • And if you do as I suggest and take the Pro version, you can build 20 separate website funnels, so you get 20 times the income
  • I’ve even included a very clever part which, if you wish, allows you to create your own new books in almost any niche, free of charge, in about 45 seconds - with NO WRITING REQUIRED!
Now, the proper, public, price of this is $297 every month.
But, as we’re celebrating today, you’ll pay less than $25 (so a dollar per website funnel!) - and, if you use Coupon Code “discount2”, you’ll even get an extra discount!
And that’s a one-off payment - there’s nothing more to pay.
Now that you understand this better, here’s what to do right away, please.
  1. Re-read this newsletter
  2. Note all the benefits
  3. Note the lack of work
  4. Click the link for more info, reviews and order button!
(It’s a private link - please don’t share it):
Don’t forget to use Coupon Code “discount2”!
Remember, I strongly suggest that you take the Pro version for the best profits, please.
And to be totally clear again - yes, hundreds of products are included!
And you keep all of the income!
Onwards and upwards eh!

Alun, who’s off to eat a Peppermint Aero (it’s a chocolate bar - I unintentionally made them famous in my Udemy days!)
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