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Conference Speakers Revealed

Today: Conference Speakers Revealed Here's The Speakers And What You'll Discover Tic

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July 28 · Issue #191 · View online
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  1. Conference Speakers Revealed
  2. Here’s The Speakers And What You’ll Discover
  3. Tickets Ready Now

Just some of the confirmed speakers.
Conference Speakers Revealed
Today, as I promised yesterday, I can reveal fuller details of the upcoming 3 day business conference speakers
… and what they’ll be teaching you.
Remember, please, this is all going to be online and your seat will only cost $7 if you book really quickly.
The conference is next Friday, Saturday and Sunday, the 3rd, 4th and 5th of August - and, of course, you’ll have the option to download everything, all of the recordings from all 3 days.
And, if you’re really quick, you’ll get full access to the Private Networking Group - today!
This private group was created to combine the attendees together and connect them with one another.
You’ll find like-minded people who are striving for the same goals and you can collaborate to reach your goals together.
Sometimes what we really need isn’t another “method” but just a partner who can compliment our skills and personality.
This is the place to make these long-term business relationships that could be worth 6-7 figures easily for you.
… and you’ll get free access to this Private Group today.
Here's The Speakers And What You'll Discover
How I Generate An Avalanche of Up-To 10,978 New Leads - A DAY!
  •  Matt Will Show You His TOP SECRET List Getting Method. 
  •  FLOODS Fresh Email Subscribers Into Your Autoresponder - On Total AUTOPILOT! 
  •  Learn Why His Secret Lead Getting Method Will Be Your Shortcut To Success – It Can Give You More Qualified Subscribers In The Shortest Amount Of Time Than Anything We’ve Ever Seen!
About Matt Bacak
Matt Bacak is considered by many an Internet Marketing Legend. Using his stealth marketing techniques, he became a Best Selling author with a huge fan base of over 1.2 million people in his niche as well as built multi-million dollar companies.
He’s been email marketing since 1999. He put up his first opt-in page in 2001. He has mailed up to 4.1 million emails a day for over a year. He split-tests everyday & he buys solo ads every day too. He co-runs the List-building club with over 18,000 members. His lists are growing by up-to 10,978 subscribers a DAY!
How Stefan And Greg Get 100,000+ Visitors Per Month To Their Niche Sites, Affiliate Offers And Blogs Without SEO Or Paid Traffic…
Traffic Legends
  •  How Stefan & Greg get 100,000+ targeted visitors per month without any SEO or paid traffic needed
  •  The ONE traffic source you should add for 2018 and beyond which is currently totally overlooked 
  •  How you can use what they show you on call to AUTOMATE free targeted visitors in any niche 
  •  How you can take what they show you and finally start seeing income coming in for affiliate marketing, blogging, ecom, list building, adsense, and anywhere else you want traffic!

How To Launch Your Own Product For 6 Figures - Even If You Have Never Launched A Product Before
Come Watch My Presentation And Discover…
  •  Discover How To Apply What You Already Know OR Have
  • How being fired by my Internet marketing Coach led to his best income week online and $365,508 in product launch sales over a 5 day period
  •  Idiot-Proof Strategies For Creating A Profitable Product WIthout Any Technical Skills
  • You will learn how he created a simple software product, in less than 7 days, that sold $365,508 in 5-days on JVZoo without doing any coding or technical work 
  •  11 Simple Steps To Product Creation & Launch Greatness
  • The 11-Step product creation & launch formula he used to CRUSH THE LAUNCH On JVZoo with his first ever Product Launch And How You Can Do The Same 
  •  His Replicable System that 100s Of His Proteges Have Used To Create & Launch Their Own Successful Products
  • How you can get access to the complete package he used to do what he did, And How You Can Do The Same Or Better too, in next few weeks
About Dr. Ope Banwo
Dr Ope is a Highly Successful Digital Marketing Consultant.
He is a Multiple 6-Figure Product Launcher and Founder of Launchify360 System.
He has Coached and Mentored 100s of Entrepreneurs To Create and Launch their own products all over the world.

Serve Few, Serve Premium - Discover How You Can Make $500,000 A Year With Just A Laptop & Internet – Without Selling Any Product & Worrying About Customers
On This Presentation, You’ll Discover…
  •  The proven strategies that Desmond has been able to have hundreds of his students collectively use to generate over $5 million in a span of 6 months.  
  •  The fastest, no B.S. way to your first $10,000 month – in the next 3 months with no hype & no steep learning curve.  
  •  Why “C________” is the new business model that you can depend on to hit your first six figures year with no stress! 
About Desmond Ong
Desmond Ong is an award-winning international speaker, best-selling author & millionaire mentor.
He has spoken in Harvard, and has shared stage with celebrities such as George Ross (The Apprentice) and Caitlyn Jenner.
He has also appeared on NBC and CBS to share the topics on digital marketing and how anyone today can start a lifestyle business with just $10.
With over 13 years of under-fire internet business experience, Desmond has trained thousands of people globally through his programs and live events. 

How You Can Easily Generate 10K (PLUS) Monthly Recurring Revenue from Local Businesses
On This Presentation, You’ll Discover…
  •  How they get Businesses to pay them thousands of dollars each and every month - and practically BEG to work with them!  
  •  How they get business to say YES to their service before they even finish describing their offer
  •  How they can go into just about any niche with their toolbox and completely dominate for their clients. 
  •  How they work with clients from bakeries to banks and get paid each and every month. 
  •  How you can use their 3 step outsourcing formula to work less than 90 minutes a day while cashing in on a 10K/mo + recurring income.
About Alicia Lyttle & Lorette Lyttle
Sisters Alicia and Lorette are considered the divas of Internet Marketing. Having started in the Internet Marketing space in 2000, they have earned multiple millions working online. 
The sisters have traveled the world teaching Internet Marketing and decided to make their home base on the lovely island of Jamaica.
In addition to teaching Internet Marketing, they are well known for their Social Media Agency and their programs on using Social Media to drive sales.
Their client base is impressive and spans many continents and niches. Their sessions are jam packed with information and their passion is in helping others to build multiple 6 figure businesses by leveraging the power of the internet. You won’t want to miss this one!

The Quickest, Easiest Way To Get Your First 1,000 Subscribers
On This Presentation, You’ll Discover…
  •  Don’t Have a list yet and you find the whole thing daunting? 
  •  Well not anymore, you will learn how you can build a list using just copy and paste.
  •  You don’t need a website 
  •  Build your list from social media, getting others to do the work for you 
  •  Build your list from Sites who send you traffic for free 
  •  Build your list from Mobile! 
  •  See how People with no list, no previous experience, have built lists of 1000 to 3000 subscribers in their first month!
  •  Completely new method

Masterclass: Launch an Online Course in 3 Simple Steps
On This Presentation, You’ll Discover…
  •  How to go from Zero to creating an Online Course in 2 hours (not PLR)
  •  How to make others do all the work for you (not outsourcing) 
  •  How to successfully launch your newly created course

Use These 3 Secrets On How I Grew My Email List And Audience To Over 1,000,000 Subscribers…
On This Presentation, You’ll Discover…
  •  Bob covers EXACTLY how he grew his email list and audience to over 1,000,000 subscribers 
  •  3 Secrets to quickly build a new list and to intelligently manage and capital on it 
  •  2 Pitfalls that Newer Marketers Fall into when getting started and how to avoid them
  •  How to make BIG cash from CPA and affiliate offers and come out on top promoting 
  •  How choosing the RIGHT offers to promote can make (or break) the rest of 2018 for you

How My Online Course Generated Over $27,000 In Recurring Income And Practically Sells Itself
(without writing blog posts, videos, or ANY boring marketing stuff that no one wants to do!)
On This Presentation, You’ll Discover…
  •  How To Create And Triple Your Profits By Having One Simple Signature Course.
  •  How your course should be structured and flow so you can attract hungry buyers who want your course effortlessly (once you know this, you can put together courses at the snap of a finger) 
  •  How To Get Members To Pay You Past 90 Days On Autopilot. 
  •  The Future Of Course Engagement That Drives 95% Of Successful Courses

How An Ex Police Officer Used A Secret Formula To Generate $40,532.24 Within 7 Days selling a simple information product that took less than 7 days to make and without a list and no paid advertisement.
On This Key Masterclass, he’ll Share With You…
  •  Why I quit as a police officer to work full time online the good, the bad, the ugly when trying to pursue online riches. 
  •  The 3 secret letters which are holding you back and are probably sabotaging your own success and you probably aren’t even aware 
  •  The secret formula used by online millionaires to make a full time income online that you don’t know even know about and that is being kept hidden from you 
  •  How you can replicate and use the exact formula and strategy is used to launch a simple eBook that generated over $40,532.24 within 7 days and won 3 consecutive awards which is unheard off and became a award winning best seller.  
  •  How you can immediately start today right now on creating and launching your own product 30 days from now. 
  •  I’m going to reveal of all this and how it is possible for you to replicate, regardless of your skill, age, experience or expertise. 
About Ali Chowdhry
Ali Chowdhry is a award winning product creator and no#1 best seller. Formally a police officer, he achieved numerous commendations and awards including the highest award of Commissioner’s commendation.
He later handed in warrant card and his handcuffs, alongside his letter of resignation in order to pursue more from life and that’s when he started his online journey in 2013.
Since 2013, he has launched multiple product, coaching students from all around the world helping them create and launch their own products into the market. He also has ran his own seminars and wealth creation masterminds in the united kingdom.
Overall, he has a strong passion to help people become better versions of themselves and to unlock true potential.

“Outrageous New Software Automatically Grabs Free Traffic And Leads You Can Cash In On For Any Niche!”
On This Presentation, You’ll Discover…
  • How you can get unlimited free traffic, leads, and site rankings on autopilot so you can sell your own products and/or affiliate products, or promote anything else you want. This is the same type of free traffic we and our clients use to make a fortune.
  •  The easiest way you can make and rank a site or video in a few minutes, yet get free traffic to make you sales and commissions from it for years. Our member Judi uses this strategy to get $350,000 a year in affiliate commissions. 
  •  How we get paid from $997 to $9,997 per month to provide high demand services with a 90% profit margin. Now, you can use our software to easily deliver the same services to the 100 million prospects that need help. No prior skills required because the software takes care of the techie stuff. 
  •  The best way to dominate page 1 of Google for your business. Like our member Bill who went from being buried on Google to the top 3 spots for all his target keywords in a couple weeks. Even his Adwords rep said there’s no reason for you buy ads from us any more! 
  •  PLUS… a live demo of the incredibly powerful software that makes this all super easy by doing 95% of the work for you on autopilot!

“How Profitable Deals Are Done, While On Vacation and Having FUN!”
On This Presentation, You’ll Discover…
  •  Discover how this former part time travel planner turned his hobby into a 7 figure global online business, without a list, without a plan or even a clue. All because of the power of ONE accidental joint venture.
  •  He’ll show you how profitable deals are done, while on vacation and having fun…truly living the Laptop Lifestyle of success, adventure and world travel. Don’t miss this special presentation.

About Captain Lou
Author, coach, group event producer and FUN facilitator, Captain Lou’s clients and JV partners like Mike Filsaime, Tom Beal an​​d​ John Halpin​​ are a who’s who of the marketing world’s top A-list Illuminati.

How To Deliver Local Leads And Scale
On This Presentation, You’ll Discover…
  •  Ways to generate leads online even if you are a newbie and nobody knows you 
  •  A new approach to Facebook that will have people contacting you begging to give you their money 
  •  The number 1 mistake every marketer makes when generating leads 
  •  An easy to follow step by step method that delivers and puts you as the expert

Email Marketing Counts
On Paul’s Session You Will Discover
  •  How to overcome obstacles on your path to success! 
  •  The 2 key reasons he has lasted 18+ years online! 
  •  A case study of his top performing landing page!  
  •  The 3 secrets to email success!  
  •  Discover his favorite times to email his list!  
  •  Learn an easy step that most guru’s do not even know to increase email delivery!  
About Paul Counts
Paul has been running an online business for over 18 years now when he started in high school.
He is a movie producer, author, and an internationally recognized information product creation expert who has created products for professional athletes and best selling authors.
He has created dozens of step-by-step video products that have grossed millions of dollars in sales for himself, business partners, and clients.

and there are many more speakers in this live event!
Tickets Ready Now
If you reserve your seat right now, it will only cost $7 for all 3 days - and you’ll get instant access to the Private Networking Group.
Here’s the link to more information and to make your booking:
Please - you must book today to ensure you get your seat for the $7 price.
It’s always very embarrassing when people come to me later asking for the lower price and all the tickets have gone, sorry!

See you there!
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