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Crazy Waste Of Time

Today: Yesterday's Newsletter Created Quite A Lot Of Interest! + Crazy Waste Of Time + Arts And Craft

Would An Extra $1,000 A Month Help You?

September 20 · Issue #234 · View online
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Today: Yesterday’s Newsletter Created Quite A Lot Of Interest! + Crazy Waste Of Time + Arts And Crafts And A Home Bar

I took a camel called Edgar to work today. Couldn't get him up the stairs, though.
Yesterday's Newsletter Created Quite A Lot Of Interest!
Thank you so much for the responses to yesterday’s report on how I walked away from a potentially sound investment.
If you missed it, do read the details here, please, before you read on - or you’ll get very confused!
Here’s the salient point.
This man wanted a substantial investment that the figures said would work.
But he wanted to run it, have the majority shareholding and earn the most profits, of course.
That’s all fair enough.
But he also wanted us investors to guarantee him a doubling of his base salary, right from day one.
And that’s why we walked away.
He clearly didn’t understand running a business of his own.
He wanted none of the potential downside.
And all of the potential upside.
If you start a business, you aren’t “entitled” to any salary - that’s what jobs are for, after all!
His current employer, a big established business, who’d employed him for many years paid him a salary - a good salary.
He wanted double that in a start-up, guaranteed.
That’s not the desire of someone who is fit to be self-employed.
Yes, wanting to make money is a good reason to start your own business.
But it’s rare that I would recommend you throw in your current job first.
  • Start small
  • Test
  • Test again
  • Tweak
  • Learn
  • Improve
Running a business, of any size, is not like having a job.
There’s a lot more responsibility, for a start.
But the freedom you get is worth it.
Just take your time.
Make your initial goal “An Extra $1,000 A Month” as I always suggest.
And build from there.

Arts And Crafts And A Home Bar
I have 2 x ready-built Online Stores available this week, first come first served, please.
1) The first Store is in the “Arts and Crafts” niche and includes items like painting by numbers, painting supplies, scrapbooking supplies, stamping and more. This Store comes with 250 items already available.

2) The second Store is in the “Home Bar” niche.
Research has shown this to be ultra popular and profitable, with 250 items like bottle stoppers, bar sets, cocktail tools, wine accessories etc.
(There’s some lovely examples of home bars at Google - click here, please).

Repeat buyers in each Store ensure a good ongoing income.
Your profit in each store is approx 50% and you are paid upfront with each order, all online.
You don’t need to deal with deliveries etc, as this is all taken care of for you.
You don’t need to buy any stock, as it is all dropshipped, i.e. posted, from the storage warehouse direct to the customer anywhere in the world.
It takes seconds each day to process the orders and all updates, stock levels, and all the customer package tracking is automated.
There is full online training, along with a help desk and a private Facebook group.
If you’d like to see a small sample store, please explore
If there’s a niche you’d like me to research, do just let me know, please -
Each Store has had the titles, descriptions and photo’s professionally produced - and each Store includes the domain and secure, fast, hosting.
Each Store is $997 - email me, please, at if you want to reserve one, or if you have any questions at all.
When I’ve offered these before in my daily newsletter, they tend to be sold within 24-48 hours.
Crazy Waste Of Time
Many local shops started their sales today - and the larger stores opened at 6am.
That meant people were queuing up outside from the early morning.
All to save a little bit of money.
Yet these same people would never think of getting up early to start a small business, before they head off to their “day job”.
They also spent time deciding which store to queue up at.
So they invest time for a short, one-off financial gain.
And yet when you spend time preparing to make money, there’s pretty much no limit.
Do, please, have a think about where you expend your efforts every day - and have a think if you could use that time and effort for greater gain.
Because I know that you can!

Alun, who likes camels, actually. They’ve got unique personalities!

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