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Daily, Personalized, Coaching Update - Great News

Today: Why Do Prices Increase So Quickly?Daily, Personalized, Coaching Update - Great NewsLead Primo

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June 10 · Issue #148 · View online
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  1. Why Do Prices Increase So Quickly?
  2. Daily, Personalized, Coaching Update - Great News
  3. Lead Primo Coupon Code
  4. A Bit Of Background

I'm on the left - and I assume you recognized Harry Potter on the right?
Why Do Prices Increase So Quickly?
I’ve been asked a lot in the last few weeks about why I reveal an offer to you one day - yet the next day, the price has increased.
The answer is actually really simple.
As humans, many people aren’t good at making quick decisions.
However, successful people never miss out on opportunities.
Because if you delay buying / doing something, you usually fail to get it done at all.
Think of the last time you looked at Amazon or in a shop window - you saw something you’d like / needed, but decided to think about it.
In nearly every case, you then did nothing.
And so often in life, if you don’t act immediately, you lose.
My job here is simply to help you make an extra $1,000 a month.
I only want people who really want to succeed to read the newsletter.
If you delay, the chances are you won’t take the necessary action.
  • So you’ll lose out.
  • Or, you’ll buy later and pay more.
And I don’t want you to pay a higher fee for the same product or service that other readers of my newsletter have bought at lower cost, of course.
(And I certainly don’t want you to miss out!)
Aside: if you repeatedly do nothing, you’ll become quite depressed - it’s a self-fulfilling downward spiral. 
Don’t let day to day routine (work, housekeeping, shopping) get in the way of your success.
Here’s the simple result of taking action:
  • If you decide and act immediately, you’ll definitely have the opportunity to make extra money.
  • But I can guarantee that if you don’t act, you won’t make a penny.
And that rather defeats the object of me writing and sending you the newsletter, of course!
And that’s precisely why prices rise - I want to “prod” you into “doing”, not “delaying”.
Because that way, you’ll be successful.
And that’s what I want.
And it’s what you want.
That all makes sense now, yes?
“It’s much easier for me to make major life changing, multimillion-dollar decisions than it is to decide on a carpet for my front porch. 
That’s the truth.” 
Oprah Winfrey
Daily, Personalized, Coaching Update - Great News
I offered a 90% discount on coaching earlier in the week.
The response to that has been very impressive, with 2 people reporting immediate, profitable, results and 3 others finally getting properly started in their own business “at last”, as they put it.
These were exactly the results I was expecting - as ever, I understate and overdeliver (and I suggest that you always do the same!). 
Onwards and upwards!
If you missed out, you must decide quickly please, as only a few places were available - it wouldn’t be fair to take on too many clients so that everyone gets full assistance, advice and help on a daily basis.
I’ll say “don’t miss out on this” - and that’s as near as I’ll ever get to hype.
As I’ve seen the results, I know how well you can do too - that extra “prod” and having someone to help you every day is all-important for your early successes.
Learning from successful people is the only way to learn anything, of course.
… And I only ever will recommend you to successful people.
Nolan Bushnell, the founder of Atari Games said: 
“Everyone who’s ever take a shower has a brilliant idea. 
It’s the person who gets out of the shower, dries off and does something about it who makes the money”.
Lead Primo Coupon Code
I’ve mentioned the three Lead Primo opportunities for you to make money several times this week:

  1. My guaranteed $1,000 a month program - see here
  2. The $97 ready built business  -
  3. How you can make use of this yourself
(If you choose the third option, the price has risen significantly several times already, but I’ve today arranged an unadvertised Coupon Code “allinone21” to get you a $21 discount on the recommended Pro Plan. If you delay, the next increase is to $37 every month, so that could be an expensive mistake).
A Bit Of Background
Lisa and I - I'm on the right, the one without glasses.
When I started this newsletter last year, my wife said 
Whatever you do, don’t try to be too charming, too witty or too intellectual…just be yourself.”
Good advice, I think.

Onwards and upwards!
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