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Earnings Updates! And A Huge Price Increase!


Would An Extra $1,000 A Month Help You?

April 3 · Issue #96 · View online
INVEST IN YOURSELF: Over $100,000 of courses. You only pay $50/month or $300/year for full access.

At the Taj Mahal, Agra, India. Amazing place! I'm in the middle. (Yes, that's the bench the Princess of Wales was photographed on).
Huge Price Increase!
My training site at currently has over $65,000 worth of training course and materials - all designed to help you make an extra $1,000 a month.
For almost a year now, I’ve offered unlimited access for $20 a month or $60 a year. 
From later this week (for new members only!), this will increase to $50/month or $300/year, as I’m currently adding new courses to bring the total value of the content up to $100,000. 
And the number of courses will continue to increase further, twice every month, as a minimum.
Let me stress that if you’re a current member - or if you join before this week’s increase - you will NEVER pay more than your current $20/month or $60/year.
The reasoning I’ve offered all of this content at such a low price is very simple …
The most common question I get asked at Tetmo is 
which course is best for me / which business should I start?”
and that’s pretty near impossible for me to answer, as I don’t know your interests, your time, and so on.
So, the idea is - and remains - that for a small fee, you can see every part of every course and decide what’s best for you.
And you can think of Tetmo as your own personal library of money-making courses!
However, I want to limit the secrets in the training to those people who are genuinely interested in running their own business(es).
So, if you are a member- you’ll continue to get even more courses (new ones are added on average every two weeks at no extra cost), but
If you are not a member, joining now might be a very good idea!
Here’s the link:
Amazon Stores Updates
As many of you know, the recently offered Amazon stores have been wildly successful.
Several people bought multiple stores as a result.
And many of you suggested something which I’m implementing today.
From today, I will not be offering new stores to anyone who doesn’t currently own one.
This keeps it exclusive - and allows me more time to quickly test new niches and so on.
So, if you haven’t already bought a store - sorry, there’s no more.
If you have bought at least one and want more, just email me, please, perhaps including a niche that you’re interested in - I will run the various tests and come back to you.
I think that’s fair, don’t you?
Dropshipping Stores
I’ve also been beyond delighted with the performance of your Dropshipping Stores. 
Some of you struggled a little at first, but you took my help and advice and we’ve now built some very profitable businesses together.
My number one piece of advice is to keep adding new stock - and you can outsource this very cheaply to the experts at Alidropship, of course -  and to ask them to install Social Rabbit for you, for complete “hands off” Social Media Marketing - see the training!
Do keep an eye on the comprehensive training, please, as I constantly add new features!
New Courses Coming Up On
  1. Mastering Amazon Associates
  2. Cracking Social Media
  3. Kaizen Increases Your Income, Reduces Your Stress
  4. Dealing With Information Overload
  5. Building Your Own Membership Site
  6. How To Start With Nothing
  7. Self Discipline In A Home Run Business
  8. The $10,000 Income Per Month Blueprint
  9. The Secret Code All Successful Entrepreneurs Use
  10. Small Business Cash Flow Secrets
  11. Motivational Proverbs
…. and many more - (some titles will change slightly).
Free 1 Hour Audio
I should also have a free 1 hour recording for you later this week from a millionaire friend of mine, detailing the
Exact Blueprint He Used To Go From $0 Online To Millionaire Marketer In Just A Few Months, And How You Can Copy His Blueprint Right Now!
Details later in the week!
Alun's Been Thinking Silly Things ...
  • Whether you were forced to, or whether you chose to, wear your crappiest clothes when you do laundry, actually says a lot about how you are doing in life
  • All the doors at a fire station are fire exits
  • Are people who don’t remember their dreams missing out on one-third of their lives?
  • I’m going to invent headphone implants, wirelessly charged by a special pillow
  • Having surgery where you are anesthetized is like fixing the problem by turning you off and back on again
  • Rope is most commonly used nowadays for teaching how to tie knots
  • For a large part of the world (including for me!), Easter is this coming weekend
  • There is nothing, nothing, in the world more satisfying than plugging in a USB drive the right way on your first go, is there?

Back on Wednesday, usual time!
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