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⏰⏰Final Hours: You'll Be Writing To Me On Monday Telling Me How Much Cash You Made Over The Weekend ⏰⏰

Today:    You'll Be Writing To Me On Monday Telling Me How Much Cash You Made Over The Weekend   Week

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July 13 · Issue #178 · View online
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  1.    You’ll Be Writing To Me On Monday Telling Me How Much Cash You Made Over The Weekend
  2.    Weekend Advice
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You'll Be Writing To Me On Monday Telling Me How Much Cash You Made Over The Weekend
I spent yesterday evening at the Residence of Her Majesty's Ambassador to Bulgaria. I'm on the right, next to my Panama hat, with my back to the camera! Lisa is to my right.
I think you’ll enjoy today’s newsletter …
… and you’ll be writing to me on Monday telling me how much cash you made over the weekend!
Many of you, understandably, want to get into dropshipping, as we all know how easy it is to do - and that the profits are huge, while the “work” can be done by pretty much anyone.
The problem, until today, has been that you need 1 of 2 things, either:
  1. A store built for you, or
  2. A Shopify store
(Now, you’ll probably know by now that I detest Shopify - they had some terrible publicity last year, rightly so - and they charge a ridiculously high monthly fee, so to keep your store, you need to pay them whatever they decide is their fee, month after month. 
And there’s a 12-month minimum commitment, and limited support unless you pay them $2,000 a year, plus their unnecessarily high credit card fees and their “optional” extras).
A ready-built store also costs money, as it needs to be manually built - and even though I will create one for you from $500, most Stores start at $2,000 and up.
And in both cases, you really do need to keep adding stock, of course!
So, you’ve asked me time and time again to solve this big problem for you.
And … I’ve succeeded!
Here are the thought processes that went on behind this:

  • People are rightly moving away from Shopify (see their support pages for all of the complaints, please!).
  • Large “up-front” payments and a long-term contract for a new business you have no experience in isn’t something you want to start paying out for. 
  • There’s no way to make a tiny one-off payment and see if this is the business for you.
  • And there’s currently no way to expand it, especially without large extra costs.
  • Building a Store is expensive and need you to work on it regularly.
  • There’s currently no way to spend about 5 minutes when you want to make some instant cash, paid the same day.
  • You usually need to buy hosting.
  • You need to buy a domain name.
  • There’s no way to just test and sell individual items.
  • And, above all, getting customers is hard.
So, I have the solution today (but you’ve guessed that already, haven’t you!).
From today, you can:
  • Create a simple 2-page sales “funnel” online from a template - as many times as you want, in a few seconds.
  • (Everything is done in the cloud, so there are no domains, hosting, repeat fees etc).
  • Then you add your PayPal address “behind the scenes”.
  • Using the included training, visitors see your first page, click to order and they also get offered a terrific similar item at a low cost - they tend then to buy both, thus increasing your income.
  • You use a small part of their payment to instantly order the item - it’s then despatched automatically to your customer.
That’s it.
On a $50 item, for example, your cost is $5. 
So you have a $45 profit.
Over and over again.

Want to sell another item?
Great - it only takes seconds to create it - all of the templates are included, so you just click the most suitable one.
Then you get more orders.
And you can do this whenever you want to make some extra quick cash.
(Hint: you also get the details of your customers, so you can offer them other items at any time - for more profits!)

OK, this is probably a good place to “catch up”!

You don’t need:
  • a website
  • hosting
  • to pay any fees
  • any long-term commitment - you make the extra cash whenever you want to make some more money
You just need to:
  • choose the items (I suggest that you look at jewelry, toys, kitchen appliances, clothing and assorted accessories)
  • fill in a template - this takes just a moment
  • follow the training to get customers
  • click to make the orders
  • draw the money out of your PayPal account and spend it!

Ok, that’s a lot of info, and I know you have 2 questions you’re burning to ask!
1) How much?!
Is $297 a month good for all this?
Well, that’s the price shortly, BUT if you use the Coupon Code you’ll find on the bottom of the info page, you’ll only pay a one-off fee of less than $22.
(Note, please: the price will rise on Saturday - if you buy today, you’ll never have anything extra to pay, though).

2) Where can I get a video demo and more information?
Here’s the link (as ever, please don’t share this, as it includes a private $8 Coupon code):
And don’t forget to make a note of the Secret Coupon Code - it’s right at the bottom of the page!

One final point to note, please:
Yes, this is very different from my Dropshipping Complete Stores at $500 that are being completed now!
Weekend Advice:
Register for today’s offer now at the low one-off, nothing more to buy, price, please.

  • Spend some time tonight or over the weekend choosing the items you like - doing this with the family is actually good fun.

  • Create the 2 pages - remember, this only takes a few seconds.

  • Email me on Monday your time, so that I can talk about your profits in Monday’s newsletter. (Sadly, this will annoy those who delayed taking action, though, as the offer will close on Saturday night at this introductory price).

You WILL have a splendid weekend! 
Just follow the system!

65 Products From 65 Experts - For Only $37
I heard about this rather late, checked it out and it’s terrific value.
One snag - it finishes at midnight tonight - my apologies.
Here’s the full details:

Helping you to make that extra $1,000 a month, while I’m also looking forward to watching videos of penguins a'frolicking this weekend.

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