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Free Book From Alun: "Discover Your Passion"

Today: Yesterday’s Reveal - What Didn't I Tell You?Free Book From Alun: "Finding Your Passion"I'm In

Would An Extra $1,000 A Month Help You?

June 1 · Issue #140 · View online
INVEST IN YOURSELF: Over $100,000 of courses. You only pay $50/month or $300/year for full access.

  1. Yesterday’s Reveal - What Didn’t I Tell You?
  2. Free Book From Alun: “Finding Your Passion”
  3. I’m In Bucharest, Romania, Today For A Meeting

Yes, it's the Arc De Triumf. No I'm not in Paris, I'm in Bucharest. I'm on the right, the one not in a frock.
Yesterday’s Reveal - What Didn't I Tell You?
The business idea I revealed yesterday was, as I’d expected, rather well received - thank you!
An extra $80 to $100 a day - and you would start earning by this weekend if you wish.
Here’s what I didn’t tell you yesterday, though:
  • You’ll pay less than $12 (this will increase if you delay, but that’s the fee as this email was published)
  • Traffic (visitors spending!) is included, so you only “spend” a few minutes a day, not “spend” money!
It’s very simple to do, but, as ever, I’m not going to hype it or boast about it - you rightly expect more of me than that.
I’m happy that you’re perfectly capable of making small business decisions for yourself (and, anyway, of course, there’s an unlimited 30-day money back guarantee).
There’s also a live webinar AND a private Mastermind group - and I’ve arranged that you’ll get both for free.
See the video, the details and the reviews here, please:
As ever, this offer is genuinely limited - all too often, sadly, I get emails saying “I wish I’d grabbed this - can you re-open it?”, but I can’t / won’t. 

Let me take a second to explain why this is, please.
  • My job in the newsletter is to encourage you to make quick decisions, to see the wide range of start-up businesses that you can run - and I want to constantly encourage you to learn as much as possible, always for little or no money.
  • We all learn both from experiences and from teaching.
  • By reading this daily newsletter and obtaining some of the products and items that I reveal to you, you’re in a terrific position to earn that extra $1,000 a month.
  • (For example, if today’s item is only one-third as good as I say it is, you’re still $1,000 a month up.)
After all, those who plan to “do it later” never start and so never succeed, do they?
Free Book From Alun: "Discover Your Passion"
Finding a business or career choice that’s truly fulfilling is something that almost everyone struggles with at some point in their lives.
You can use this Discover Your Passion book to tap into this core pain point - one that most people have - and provide them with an easy to implement solution while also converting them into email subscribers.
The report outlines how anyone can find their passion in their business or career by exploring the following areas:
  • Wanting Something Different
  • Remembering Your Childhood
  • Talking To Your Friends
  • Stepping Into Things With Passion
  • Starting A Business Around Your Hobby
You can download it by clicking here, for free.
I'm In Bucharest, Romania, Today For A Meeting
As you may have spotted in the photo, I’m in the Capital of Romania, Bucharest, today.
Despite having travelled rather extensively over the years, I’ve not been here before - and I’m rather impressed.
It’s a holiday today, “Children’s Day” …  sort of like Mother’s Day but not commercial!
The parks and many main roads (all the city centre roads here are SO wide!) have areas closed off for children’s rides, parties, games, shows and so on - and all the children are beautifully dressed in their finest clothes.
My meeting continues tomorrow and Sunday in Vienna, Austria - hopefully, I’ll be able to tell you soon what I’m doing for you!

Have a great weekend - why not take a few minutes and start-up a new business - knowing that you have all of the instructions to follow, so you can’t lose … and you’ll awake on Monday morning with a smile, not a frown?

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