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Free Book, Thousands of Articles, LinkedIn, Dropshipping and Selling Your Courses

Today: Free Book, Thousands of Articles, LinkedIn, Dropshipping and Selling Your Courses

Would An Extra $1,000 A Month Help You?

August 17 · Issue #209 · View online
INVEST IN YOURSELF: Over $100,000 of courses. You only pay $50/month or $300/year for full access.

Free Book, Thousands of Articles, LinkedIn, Dropshipping and Selling Your Courses

As I have this Greek beach to myself, you'll easily be able to spot me in today's picture!
Thousands Of Articles
Earlier in the week, I offered, with full rights, thousands and thousands of articles, books and reports for $27.
You can do what you like with them, sell them, use them re-write them, turn them into books (many people, as I “hinted”, have already profitably turned them into Kindle Short Reads!).
The only restriction is that you can’t use my name on them.
Here’s the link to pay and get full, instant access:
Making Money From The Articles
Now that you have all those articles, why not turn them into an easy living?
I showed you this last week in my 20th edition of this newsletter.
And, if you use the Coupon Code “final 8”, you’ll get a further $8 off.

Free Book
I offered you a fascinating book from a business colleague of mine a few days ago.
You’ll learn rather a lot from him (he’s taken over $200 million, all online).
He’ll happily send you a full paperback copy of the book for free, anywhere in the world.
Here’s the link:

I only have one Dropshipping Store left with the guaranteed profit of $20,000 in your first year.
See here for the full details, please - and email me ASAP to arrange a telephone / Skype call if you’re interested, please!

New - Coming In 2 Weeks
As you probably know, I was the first to net a million dollars from creating courses on Udemy, but I left them a couple of years back.
Since then, I’ve used my own site,, to sell my courses.
This continues to be a very worthwhile business to be in.
However, as so many have discovered, whilst creating courses is quite straightforward these days, having an online presence to sell them takes more time and effort.
This means that those who are good at creating courses but don’t have the time (or the knowledge!) to spend on building websites and keeping them updated (along with shopping carts, mailing lists and so on) are at a disadvantage.
So, later in the month, I’ll show you an easy way to sell as many courses as you want - with very quick and easy setup / updates / mailing list creation, and so on.

As you also probably know, I do rather well on LinkedIn.
Many people seem to think of it as a site for looking for new employment (shudder!!!), but I and tens of thousands of others use it to get new customers to our businesses.
In Mondays newsletter, I’ll be telling you more …
Ooh, and if you don’t connect with me on LinkedIn, here’s my profile:

Have a good weekend!

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