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May 3 · Issue #117 · View online
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A big powerful world traveller. I'm on the left. The big powerful world traveller is on the right. Taken at Boeing, Seattle.
This Is The Easiest Route To Your Own Start-Up Business
When you started learning the job you have now, you concentrated on that and didn’t also spend time learning dentistry, advanced carpentry and pottery for profit (silly examples, deliberately!)
You picked one thing and mastered it.
You probably had other career choices before that, which you tried and didn’t continue, though.
It’s the same with running your own start-up.
Pick 1 thing that initially appeals and work it.
Study nothing else. 
Get close to perfection.
If it doesn’t work for you, you’ve learned a lot already, so move onto the next thing.
  • Aside 1: I’ve never understood why it’s acceptable for people to change jobs, but if you start up a small business and are not widely successful, so-called-friends say you’ve failed. Sod ‘em!
  • Aside 2: I’ve never seen a situation where the owners of a company / business / start-up earn less than their staff.
  • Aside 3: The whole 40 hour week I sort of understand. But one day I realized that my day was in theory 9 to 5, but I had to get up at 7 and struggle on two tube trains and a bus, then do the reverse at night. Getting home at 6.15 meant that the boss owned me from 0700 to 1815, 48 weeks a year. Seeing it was a 56 hour week made me understand it was high time to think about a start-up, a small business on the side.
I never regretted that.
For a while, I didn’t watch tv, read books, go out with friends and family.
I just worked on it the remaining hours.
Rather than doing relaxing things on an evening, I worked on it. 
I went to bed an hour earlier than normal, letting my subconscious think about my new life and the potential. I worked on it.
Rather than waking up at 7 and going “yuck - please let it be the weekend” (5 times out of 7 it wasn’t, of course!) I awoke at 5.30, alive and happy, and worked on my own business (and no-one would describe me as a morning person!). I worked on it.
And, eventually, I made a fortune.
With no-one’s help or experience.
And you have access to tons of help and experience if you click here.
"But I Have No List ..."
Probably the 2nd most common email I get says “ … but I have no list”.
Let me say a couple of things.
List building is easy.
Yes, easy.
And it gets easier, not harder, every day, as more people see start-ups as the way forward.
There’s never been a time when start-ups have been easier and more profitable.
Everyone starts at 0 people on their list.
And you can only go up from there.
And the sooner you start ….
However, let’s look at what a list is.
If you have an account for your business (or start one - today!) on any Social Media account, everyone who follows you is “on your list”. 
And to start such a list is easy, of course.
Please just post something relevant, regularly and frequently. 
(I have a report on how one person got over 4 million Facebook views from the Content Samurai program, without spending any money - email me if you’d like a copy please).
And, just to let you know, you are probably most familiar with me via this daily newsletter.
But I have 50% more people “on my list” at LinkedIn than I do here …..
And my LinkedIn account is growing at 10 times the rate of the newsletter.
And I’ve never advertised either of them.
So, please don’t think of a “list” as something that needs email autoresponders and such like.
It’s no longer true.
As I’ve proven.
How Technology Has Made Start-Ups So Easy
There was something in the paper yesterday about how many current young children will go into jobs that don’t currently exist.
My wife and I got talking about this early this morning, while I was waiting for a mini medical check-up ( I passed!).
We discovered that everyone of my 32 businesses was not even possible when I was at school (over 40 years ago!) - and for my wife, who left Uni about a dozen years ago, none of what we do was possible then either.
I used to broadcast a phone-in show 5 times a week on a local radio station in the UK.
The equipment was expensive.
I had to be at the studio at the broadcast times, 10pm to 2am.
I had to have a techie behind the glass to “drive” the show.
I had another techie to filter the incoming calls and patch them through to me.
And it only went out live - there was no internet etc.
And it could only be listened to for a few miles around.
Now, I can pick my phone up - and broadcast to the world via Anchor FM - and take incoming calls.
This newsletter wasn’t possible until very recently.
Nor were my regular Skype calls.
Or email.
Or the fact that at ten to 4 yesterday afternoon my time, my newsletter went out around the world. 
And by 4pm, just 10 minutes later, people had, very happily, moved money from their bank accounts to mine.
(I was happy, too, let’s be honest!).
And I delivered, without any work on my part at all, an amazing series of videos to them, setting them up in business as a Social Media Manager.
By the time I got up this morning, 3 people had emailed that they’d already studied enough of the course to get clients.
They’d started a start-up!
Technology is getting easier all the time - what used to be difficult is now easy.
And, if you wish, you can easily outsource the “techie” bits to people like Taskbullet for pennies, which so many of my readers are doing successfully.
I’m off to a tiny Greek island (Thasos) this weekend, Saturday to Monday (because I’m going by road, I really only get Sunday there), but I’m meeting a very interesting small team who are doing something you’ll enjoy hearing about.
I’ll update you!
Meantime, the plan is to add more photo’s of my wanderings on Instagram, so I have this morning (it’s amazing what you can do inbetween hospital tests!) set up an Instagram account so that you can see where I am a little easier.
Someone (kindly!) apologized for emailing me yesterday!
I want to hear from you.
  1. the only way I can directly and individually help you, and
  2. the only way I can get feedback from you!
Keep the emails a'coming, please!
Free Workshop: How To Create Viral Videos for Social Media.
I mentioned Content Samurai earlier. 
They had a recent workshop - and you can watch the entire workshop for free by clicking this link:
In this free online workshop you’ll discover:
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  • Where to find content to create your own viral videos
  • AND the fastest way to create a viral video (Plus a live case study!)
This workshop contained zero fluff and 100% practical advice that you can start using in your business today.
So check it out now while it’s still available (You don’t need to opt-in or anything!)
Just click the following link to discover how to create viral videos for YOUR business:
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