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Get Rich Quick? Yeah, Right!

Today:    Get Rich Quick? Yeah, Right!   Alun's Been Thinking (Again) ....

Would An Extra $1,000 A Month Help You?

June 21 · Issue #158 · View online
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  1.    Get Rich Quick? Yeah, Right!
  2.    Alun’s Been Thinking (Again) ….

I'm hidden behind a cup of green tea in this picture. Can you spot me? (Chinatown, San Francisco).
Get Rich Quick? Yeah, Right!
Look, please don’t take this wrong, but I’m amazed at how many readers of this newsletter “subscribe” to people who merely offer you, day after day, one “get-rich-quick” scheme after another. 
Occasionally, even more worrying, I get these forwarded to me by readers as “suggestions” to put in my newsletter.
Never going to happen.
Now, my reader is always well-intentioned, of course, but they always add a note about how “wonderful” (or whatever) the original sender is - I reply asking how much money they’ve made as a result …. and the answer is always zero. 
Let’s be blunt.
For these emails, the sender is only treating you as “just someone” on their list, (try asking them a detailed question!) offering something that gains them a commission - and then the next day offering you something even “better”, so you don’t even start work on the one you bought the day before.
Now, I also offer things to help you create your personal wealth.
But there are some differences.
Firstly, I accept that every person has different interests, different funds, different capabilities and, of course, differing amounts of time to commit to a start-up business.
Secondly, and perhaps more importantly, I don’t just list “the latest thing”. 
Any time I mention a product or service, I know that only a subset of my readers will find it of interest. 
(It’s usually less than 10 people, actually).
You also know that I have also personally investigated the product and the people behind it - and unless I’m 100% sure that it will be worth your while (sometimes by making a suggestion of how to use it differently, like in my recent “$1,000 a month guaranteed” newsletters), it simply doesn’t get anywhere near the newsletter.
Many things I can throw away instantly, others I can spend a lot of time researching - and still delete it.
Overall, less than 1 in 800 actually make it to the newsletter.
In the recent years, I’ve created lots of small profits ($1,000 a month) - and several huge (million dollar) profits for people who’ve read the newsletter and want to get away from their current lifestyle.
One was so easy, it’s astonishing.
A lady in the Chicago area was running a successful yoga business. 
The problem was that sometimes people cancel, the rents kept going up - and there was no way to expand the business.
She had a very good reputation in that niche, but was frustrated.
One simple change made her a million dollars, net, the following full year.
The secret?
I told her to close the classes down.
And, instead, as she was such a good teacher, I arranged for her to spend just a few weeks making videos of the various yoga exercises. 
She got a local college to do the sound and filming - great for their CV’s - and it was at minimal cost.
She then emailed all her students offering them the opportunity to watch her videos online, at a time to suit them.
For a subscription fee, of course.
With some free advertising* on Facebook, Instagram (yesterday, Instagram announced 1-hour videos, which is really going to help so many of us!), Pinterest and Twitter, she quickly had rather a lot of subscribers.
And subscribers tend to continue to subscribe.
She now has 3 levels of membership … and does almost no work.
Well, she does still teach, but privately, and at what, to me, is an extraordinarily high price per hour.
But there again, thanks to her video classes, she’s seen as “the go-to yoga expert”.
She only needs an income of $120 per hour, before expenses (do the math, remembering that the internet is open 24/7!), to net $1 million a year - she has very low expenses, of course, mostly about $500 a year to Vimeo. 
And she is achieving that income now.
Now, she had an existing business, of course.
You may not have one. Yet.
But she started with nothing, no members, no business at all.
Just like you.
And just like every successful business ever, of course - everyone starts with nothing.
But if you take training from people, people with knowledge and experience, it’s very hard to fail, of course.
So long as you follow a proven path - what I call a proven system.
So, here’s what you need to do right now.
Go through all of those “get-rich-tomorrow” emails. 
Press unsubscribe on every one.
Then let me know that you’ve done this - send some screengrab, perhaps. 
I’ll see what I can do for you, as a free extra.
It’s fascinating, but also frightening, to think that with just a computer and internet access, the only thing stopping you from earning online is that you don’t know which buttons to press and in what order - but I will show you.
*If you want to know how to use Socal Media profitably, see my new course - it’s nearly completed!
Alun's Been Thinking (Again) ....
  • If you can’t tie a knot, you cannot. If you can, you can knot
  • If anyone annoys you with the advice “never look a gift horse in the mouth”, reply “tell that to the Trojans
  • The only difference between a notepad and a notebook is which edge the binding is on
  • You can’t hum while holding your nose
  • If you Google “How does Google make money?” you answer your own question
  • “p, q, b, d” all look the same but “P, Q, B, D” all look different

Chief Hater of Scammers, Boss of Thinking and you really wouldn’t want to see the comfy padded room in his head, where he comes up with the jokes.
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