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Here's Why I Turned Down 5 New Clients Yesterday


Would An Extra $1,000 A Month Help You?

March 27 · Issue #92 · View online
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Time for A McDonalds Stop. Nice Parking ....
Here's Why I Turned Down 5 New Clients Yesterday
In yesterday’s email, I mentioned the opportunity for you to start your own web design business, with you outsourcing all of the work to full-time professionals.
And a funny thing happened. 
5 people emailed me after looking at my web design site and offered me work.
Here’s what I replied to each of them:
“Hi - it may make far more sense for you to see tomorrow’s newsletter and use my outsourcer - much better than paying me hundreds, I think!”
You see, paying me $399, then me outsourcing the work for $99, doesn’t make sense … when you can get the lower price yourself!
You get everything you need to be able to run a web development agency business online - from a professional Done-For-You website (see mine here!), to an online system where you can outsource all your customer orders.
Absolutely no technical skills or experience required to run this online business. 
If you are able to browse the Internet and check/reply your email, you can do this.
We all know that people want:
Wordpress Sites:
  • I suggest that you charge $399 or more
  • Your price is $199
  • $200 is profit
HTML Sites:
  • I suggest that you charge $399 or more
  • Your price is $99
  • $300 is profit
A Complete Online Shop:
  • I suggest that you charge $599 or more
  • Your price is $299
  • $300 is profit
  • I suggest that you charge $99 for static / $129 for animated or more
  • Your price is $20 / $30
  • $79 / $99 is profit
Business Cards:
  • I suggest that you charge $149 single sided / $169 double-sided or more
  • Your price is $45 / $55
  • $104 / $114 is profit
Logo Design:
  • I suggest that you charge $99 or more
  • Your price $39
  • $60 is profit
  • I suggest that you charge $147 / $197 / $247 / $347 or more
  • Your price is $87 / $117 / $147 / $187
  • $60 to $160 is profit
And it doesn’t matter where you live, of course - everyone wants this!
And if you outsource the work (I’ve named this week “Outsource Week” remember!), you can merely pass the work to the outsourcing experts.
You need no knowledge or experience, of course, as everything is done by “your team”.
Q: Can I Do This? I Have No Experience?
A: Absolutely yes! There is full training to help you jump-start very quickly.
No special skills or experience required - so long as you can send/reply to emails, you’re good to go. 
Your team do all the technical stuff in the backend as well as providing ongoing support whenever you need.
Q: Can I Get Clients At No Cost To Me?
Another YES! All proven tested free methods are revealed inside the training -  these are free to implement and are suitable for both newbies and experienced people.
You won’t have any trouble getting your targeted prospects.
Q: Is There Help, Training And Support?
A: Absolutely YES! Live chat support is available between 9am and 5pm Monday to Friday.
If you have any questions, you can also email.
There is also full online training, supplied by the design company themselves! 
This includes their proven Business and Marketing Plans.
Q: How Much Will I Make?
A: On the very conservative side, it’s fairly easy to make 2k-3k per month with minimum efforts for a newbie.
While the real potential is way over than that, as each customer will be your repeated lead source, and you will grow your own customer asset while building the business along the way.
It’s worth me stressing to you the opportunities in the repeat business and referral sales in this business - this is where the real money is!
Take the full, free tour today by clicking here, please and see all the potential in this business - and see examples of the beautiful sites etc that have already been produced.
You could be in this business before Easter, if you take action today!
(Reminder, the cost is under $4 a week, for the complete business, including your own website!)
The link, again, is here.

Wordpress Site
Online Shop
Alun's Been Thinking Weird Thoughts ...
  • Only humans add salt to their food.
  • Elon Musk doesn’t add salt to his food.
  • Trains are just sideway elevators.
  • Mark Zuckerberg probably sees himself like Richard Hendricks, but in the public’s eyes he is becoming more like Gavin Belson. (and, ssh - I’ve not seen the new episode of Silicon Valley yet!)
  • How come when we are young we want to look older and when we are old we want to look younger?
  • You never see Elon Musk and a Klingon at the same time. Odd, that.
  • How come a boxing ring is square?
  • Felines have much larger canines than canines do.
  • If you own a business and you increase the price of your goods/services and receive no complaints, either you were charging too little - or you don’t have enough loyal customers to notice.
  • 1/3 is one-third, ¼ is one-fourth, 1/5 is one-fifth, etc, etc, but ½ isn’t one-second, and one second is one-sixtieth of a minute. That made my brain hurt.
  • It’s not how much you make, it’s how much you save.
  • To become a billionaire, you need luck, knowledge, a great capacity to work and the main thing - the mentality of a billionaire. John Paul Getty
  • Nothing is more dangerous than an idea, when you have only the one idea. Emile Auguste Chartier
  • Those who do things without being told, draw the largest wages. Edwin H. Stuart

Enjoy your Tuesday - by starting a whole new business.
Remember: Multiple Streams Of Income is what successful people always have.
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