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How do you get visitors to a website - especially a new one?


Would An Extra $1,000 A Month Help You?

May 14 · Issue #123 · View online
INVEST IN YOURSELF: Over $100,000 of courses. You only pay $50/month or $300/year for full access.

Bored at work? Could do better yourself? Start-up a business - I'll help you! (I'm not in the picture today).
Monday morning is a nightmare for so many people.
A 5 day slog ahead.
So, what are you going to do about it?
Carry on like this ‘til you drop / retire?
Or invest in yourself?
Your choice.
And I’ll help you.
It’s what I do.
Here are some thoughts for you:
1. What would I do / have / be if I had $10M in the bank right now ?
There’s great power in mentally adopting the persona of “you down the road when you’ve already accomplished the things you want to accomplish", and then making decisions based on what THAT person would do.
Whether it’s $10M or $1M (or even $100M)…
2. What would I do if I could only work 2 hours a week on this?
There’s this ‘grindfest’ hustle hustle hustle thing going on right now… and sometimes it’s easier for entrepreneurs to solve problems by just dialing up the effort . 
That’s not a good way to solve problems… this framework prevents that.
3. What 20% of my activities are driving 80% of what I want in life/business?
A nod here to Richard Koch - if you haven’t read his 80/20 principle, you should pick one up (I bought the physical copy, the Kindle copy, and the audible version).
I read it almost every month (or at least pieces of it). 
It’s a constant reminder that, yes, it is possible to “do more with less”. 
Not only that, but “enjoy more with less”, etc.
4. What might I put in place to allow me to go off the grid for 4-8 weeks?
Back to systems and leverage. 
What does this look like? 
What do you need to do RIGHT now to start creating this possibility in the future?
5. What would this look like if it were easy?
Solve the easy stuff first. Just try it, one time.
We’re conditioned to think that the “fixes” we need are going to be huge and hard and make us want to kill ourselves… but sometimes they’re simple, easy, QUICK fixes…
(I borrowed some of these from Tim Ferris. Who, I’m sure, borrowed them from a few of the billionaires that he’s interviewed …)
Coming Up:
I’m being asked “how do you get visitors to a website - especially a new one” more often now, which means you are taking my advice to consider an online store.
I want you to start looking more at affiliate marketing in the broadest sense over the coming weeks, too, please.
(Think of a real shop. They don’t make anything. Someone else does, they resell. At a fat margin. And you can do the same - with no overheads (well, a .com is about $10 and hosting is around $3 or $4 a month - small money to run a business!)
I’ll be covering affiliate marketing much more shortly for you.
I’ll also be
  • releasing a major new course at on this in a few days, and
  • I’ll be giving you details of 2 (free) online workshops / webinars this week, too.
Story With A Moral ...
Here to help you - just ask, please!
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