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How I Failed 8 Times Yesterday

Today: How I Failed 8 Times YesterdayLast Chance 1Last Chance 2

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  • How I Failed 8 Times Yesterday
  • Last Chance 1
  • Last Chance 2

My laser printer thing failed yesterday. I may get one of these instead - seems simpler. The printer is on the right. But as I was doing the printing, I could also say the printer is on the left, of course.
How I Failed 8 Times Yesterday
  1. Once was in finding a new apartment for my mum-in-law
  2. Once by not putting a pre-booked phone call in my calendar (which then prods me on Slack and on my phone) and taking the call unprepared
  3. Once by forgetting that I’d agreed to see Jurassic Park last night (in 4DX!) with my brother-in-law, who’s visiting this week from Norway
  4. Once by (trying to) get in a taxi on the driver’s side
  5. Once when I broke my beloved laser printer
I daredn’t tell you about the other 3, to be brutally honest, but they were all business related.
(Ok, one was agreeing to make a further investment in a business that I don’t think will work, but I was short of time and said yes. I spent the evening regretting it).
Why am I telling you this?
Because the occasional failure is part of life - be it exams, dating, entrepreneurship or getting in a car at the wrong side (I’m more used to right-hand drive!).
Here the thing, though.
I’m not a bit irritated to make mistakes.
If I never failed, that purely means that I’m not trying enough things.
And that I’m not improving my systems to ensure I have less to remember / think about, so I can concentrate on constantly growing my income.
Here’s What I Did About These Failures:

  • I wrote in detail last night my time what mum needed in an apartment by simply sitting down with her (I love to start anything with “what would be the best possible outcome” and work from there). She saw the perfect place today and we’ve agreed to take it. It’s so nice that Lisa and I will take the 2 penthouse floors above in August!
  • I’ve bought a phone stand for my desk so that I have multiple ways of adding to my calendar - and I’ve learned how to use my Apple Watch thing to get Siri to do it too
  • I’m going to the cinema tonight .. but I’m paying and buying the popcorn (I do lose out sometimes, due to my inefficiencies!)
  • I’ll try not to visit countries where cars drive on the left for a while, letting my body “acclimatize”
  • I’ve re-read the printer instructions but I didn’t understand them. And Lisa banned me from going near it ever again.
  • And the business mistake? Well, my fault - so I’ll say “I’ll think about overnight” more often
Lessons learned!
Ohh - and in case this was too depressing, I did have a great day income wise yesterday - mainly because, as you’ve guessed by now, I follow proven systems.
Here’s my PayPal statement for yesterday (I was testing something that I’ll be able to show you in future as I refine it - I never reveal anything unless I’ve tested it, as you’ll no doubt recall):
So, despite my failures, I learned a lot - and that’s what I’ll remember from Tuesday 12th of June!
Please do the same, learn from failure, don’t be afraid of failure, learn from failure (it’s a circle, you see!)
Last Chance 1
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Last Chance 2
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But I did warn you.
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It would be a bargain, even when the price increases to $147 per month.

Have a profitable day!
And never stop increasing your income, please.
And never, ever, let anyone or anything get in the way of your ambitions.
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