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How I Increased My Income 15 Fold In April


Would An Extra $1,000 A Month Help You?

May 8 · Issue #119 · View online
INVEST IN YOURSELF: Over $100,000 of courses. You only pay $50/month or $300/year for full access.

This Greek Amphitheatre, in Philippi, was lost for about 2,500 years, being rediscovered only in the last few years. Amazing!
How I Increased My Income 15 Fold In April
I’ve often seen, as I teach small start-up businesses around the world, that they charge too little.
New company owners often feel that they must price low to get business - but actually the opposite is true.
We (all of us!) actually look at the price of items before we look at the quality.
(Think when you go clothes shipping, car shopping, for example).
We look at the price first.
We’ve already briefly seen what’s being offered, so we only look at the price 2nd.
And then we buy, for only one of 2 reasons:
1) It’s so cheap, it’s a bargain and we must grab it quick before they sell out, or,
2) It’s so expensive, it must be good.

In The First Example,
  • if you’re the seller, you must still “attract the eye” - and then give a good reason why the price is so low (otherwise people will assume it’s rubbish). 
  • A good reason can be a special offer, time limited. 
  • This is why, for those of you with Ali Dropshipping stores, there’s a plugin-in (see the training, please!) which has a countdown timer (fully automated) which vastly increases sales.
  • For Amazon, you’re showing heavily discounted items instantly - people are already searching for discounted items, so they come directly to you (as they are almost impossible to find on Amazon!)

In The Second Example
  • we spend longer thinking about our decision, especially if we have no prior knowledge of the likely cost - i.e. it’s something we’ve not bought before.

So, I did a test a month ago.
It was possible previously to get full access to all of my courses at for $20/month or $60/year.
So I increased the price to $50/month or $300 /year.
As almost everyone buys the annual membership, understandably, that’s a five times increase in the price.
That meant that even if sales dropped by 80%, I’d have the same income …
(Example: 5 new members each day at $60/year = $300 .. which is the same income to me as 1 member each day at $300 for a year).
On the other hand, if people could see the value and the new membership applications continued at the same rate, I’d increase my income 5 times over.
That didn’t actually happen, though.
Instead, the rate at which people join increased 3 fold.
That meant that in April I increased my income from to 15 times what it was in March.
Nothing else changed.
  • Not the design. It stayed the same.
  • Not the advertising. I don’t do any paid ads.
  • Not the publicity. There was no-one mentioning me on TV, the web etc.
  • Not the content (which increases every month anyway, as I add new courses)
The only thing that changed was the price.
And people clearly felt that the courses were better value at $300 a year than at $60/year.
So, what can you learn from this?
Well, the rule on how to price something is very simple.
  • If you’re selling something and it’s selling really well, increase your price.
  • If you’re selling something and it’s NOT selling really well, increase your price.
You’ll never lose out!
Ah, yes … sorry about that.
I made a mess of setting up Instagram.
So I’m now working on a better way to share instant pictures and reports.
Again, apologies.
 (Insert “alun is embarrassed” emoji here!)
Greece Meeting
I had a great time in Thassos, Greece over the weekend, getting back late on Monday.
This is the border crossing from Greece to Bulgaria, as each is part of the European Union
Great food and a great business meeting, which I’ll be sharing with you shortly.
Suffice it to say for now that the country’s economy is in an awful state, but many, many people are working incredibly hard in start-ups and I was delighted to help in my own way.
There’s a lesson there.
No matter how bad your personal economy is (for you as an individual), there’s never been a better time for you to start a small home run business.
As I say all too often, it’s easier to make money now than it ever has been.
And I’m here to help you - just ask!
Err, what?
Yes, juicing.
Huge market.
Loads of interest.
Health is always in demand.
People are actually delighted to pay for information which will help their health - especially if it’s not a fad, a drug, or some weird-dancing-routine-to-cure (whatever!)
There’s a hugely fascinating book out which you can sell online or to friends and family.
You get the publishing rights to it, so you can use it to build a mailing list (on Facebook is perfect!) and can even add your own name as the author.
Now, I know this already sounds expensive (see my first story today!), but I’ll tell you now it’s a mere $9.95 to you.
Not the $197 real price.
There are 10 “extras”, all of which are included, too.
Here’s what I recommend you to do:
  • Give it away for free. There’s a free ready built web page for that which is included.
  • There’s no better way to build your list - in this case in people interested in their health. These people don’t know you, so giving away such a valuable, full color book is a great way of proving oyurself.
  • Then, you can email these people with other health-related books, videos and so on. (You can even offer them videos of this book and all of the emails are pre-written for you!)
  • Once you see the details, you’ll understand that you could have this business running today.
As with all such low prices, it genuinely is only available for a few more hours, though.

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