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How To Fail - And How To Succeed


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How To Fail - And How To Succeed
#1. Doubt
How to Fail
Be doubtful every step of the way. Always find reasons why you’re going to fail and why your new business plan will not work. Start believing that effort is hopeless. Be sure to avoid listening to those positive messages or reading motivational texts. Never let yourself get enthusiastic about a new idea because hey, it’s going to fail anyway! Go to your corner and sob until you are convinced that you’re an absolute failure.
How to Succeed
Successful individuals want success so badly that they live and breathe it. They play their future success over and over in their minds until it eventually happens for real. What happens when doubt tries to ooze its way into their heart? They snuff it out like a skilled assassin. That’s how they achieve so much success. It’s not because they are “lucky”.
If you want to fail then be absolutely sure to fill yourself with the worst enemy of an entrepreneur - self-doubt. If you want to achieve success, then learn how to snuff out that enemy whenever it rears its ugly head.
#2. Planning
How to Fail
Never stick to one plan and don’t even try to make an important decision. Instead of moving in one direction, you should try moving in all directions at the same time. Spend hundreds on eBooks but never read them. When you do actually read one of those eBooks, then never take action. Change your business plan every week. Then become skilled in this craft and change it daily, heck even hourly!
How to Succeed
Successful individuals set a plan into motion and then stick to that plan. It takes time for any new plan to achieve any form of success or failure. A week is just not enough time to know whether your idea is good or bad so constantly changing plans from week-to-week is a bad move.
Furthermore, successful entrepreneurs do not second guess themselves. They put an action into play and the track its progress. If it fails, then that failure is marked as a learning experience and they move on. If it’s successful, then they move on to the next action.
#3. Obstacles
How to Fail
Turn obstacles into instant failures. Never try and turn these into triumphs. When running into one of these pesky obstacles, dive head first into it. Don’t take a step back to determine your best course of action. Once that obstacle knocks you down, stay on the ground and cry to the heavens that internet marketing is a huge scam that doesn’t work. Then give up.
How to Succeed
When a successful business owner comes across adversity, they take a step back to determine their best course of action. Then they take action. For example, if their website just isn’t converting enough to meet their goal then they figure out what’s wrong and fix it. Tackling obstacles is actually fun and exciting - one of the most enjoyable aspects of owning a business.
#4. Following Success
How to Fail
You should always strive to reinvent the wheel. If there is already a proven method for accomplishing your actionable plan, then ignore it! Invent a new one. Let’s look at an example. There are several methods that have been proven to drive traffic to a website. These are successfully used by internet marketers every single day. So don’t even think about using one of these methods. Come up with a method of your own. Thatís how you’re going to fail.
How to Succeed
The truth is that the odds of inventing a new method for driving traffic (the example from above) is miniscule. Successful business owners tend to stick to strategies that have already been proven as successful. Sure, it’s okay to come up with new tactics but this should be done as a side-project. Never be dependant on a method that you’re inventing.
#5. Daydreaming vs. Setting Goals
How to Fail
Indulge in your own delusions of grandeur. Keep telling yourself that your product is the best idea in the world and that anyone who doesn’t choose your products are idiotic. It will be the biggest thing since the iPad. Heck, not even Oprah will be as big as you!
How to Succeed
The problem is that these daydreams tend to be counterproductive. While you’re dreaming these illusions of grandeur, you’re not working. Failing to pay attention to real life problems will lead you down the road of failure. Don’t get me wrong. It’s okay to dream big but you should do so in the form of setting goals. Then spend your time working to achieve these goals. You are then transforming a passive approach (dreaming) into an active approach (working).
#6. Outsourcing
How to Fail
Be careless about what you’re posting. You outsourced a load of new articles to add to your website. Who needs to check their work? They are professionals after all. So you post content that has a huge error or omits key information.
How to Succeed
Those who are successful are diligent in the quality of everything that they showcase to the world. Follow their example by double (even triple) checking anything that comes across your desk. Don’t just assume that since they are experts, then they will submit perfection. Providing low quality content will only serve to damage your reputation.
#7. Working Towards Your Goals
How to Fail
Be lazy and don’t work on your business. Instead, watch television or play video games. All the while, you can feel sorry for those poor helpless souls who put in all of that hard work to achieve success. If only they understood how easy it was to fail. Pity their security and accolades that generate more income. The important thing is that you complete level 100 and beat the game!
How to Succeed
Success doesn’t just come to individuals. People are not just lucky. They work for success. They want to succeed. Success is their video game - except level 100 becomes breaking $100,000 a year in profit! My point is that if you’re looking for a method of making money that doesn’t require work, then play the lottery. If you want to start a business, then you’re going to have to work.
#8. Health
How to Fail
Don’t worry about your health. Keep staying up all night drinking. Keep eating those greasy burgers and chugging those sodas. Never exercise since it will, you know, improve your health. You don’t want to think better.
How to Succeed
Successful individuals generally make their health a priority. Yes, there are rare cases of unhealthy people achieving success but the majority of successful business owners are fit and in great shape. They exercise on a daily basis. A healthy body leads to a healthy mind.
Success isn’t that difficult to achieve. It’s not always about getting rich or becoming a celebrity. It’s about growing and realizing that if you continue doing the things on this list, you’re going to end up on your deathbed wondering why you never achieved anything. Many even go as far as to blame an outside source like the government or an ex-spouse. Ultimately the decision is yours to make.
Alun's Been Thinking About Business ...
  • I’d love it if Elon Musk discovered a sign on Mars that read, “Congratulations human, level 1 completed!”
  • If you dug up all the dead bodies in Oregon and stacked them one on top of the other, you’d probably go to jail.
  • My new brand of Mayonnaise will be called “Moisturiser For Food”.
  • 100% of people who drink Coca Cola will die, but you can go the rest of your life without food or water.
  • Storage cleaning software takes up storage space.
  • Gas stations must have a secret area where they store their gas price numbers.
  • When searching for “search engine optimisation” on Google, it is likely that the first result is best - or that they are just using their knowledge to manipulate you …
  • A customer is incredibly happy when they make it to a restaurant just before closing time whereas all the employees feel the exact opposite.
  • You only have to do a very few things right in your life so long as you don’t do too many things wrong. – Warren Buffett

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