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How to Get To Number 1 On YouTube And Google Today - At No Cost

Today:    The Truth About How To Get Customers, Without Buying Advertising   How To Build A Mailing L

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July 7 · Issue #173 · View online
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  •    The Truth About How To Get Customers, Without Buying Advertising
  •    How To Build A Mailing List, For No Cost
  •    Dropshipping Stores Update
  •    Thousands Of Videos Update
  •    How to Get To Number 1 On YouTube And Google Today - At No Cost
  •    Success

Big Alun Is Watching You!
The Truth About How To Get Customers, Without Buying Advertising
No matter what small business you want to start, you’ll need customers.
And the “normal” way to do this is expensive advertising.
And it often doesn’t work.
Even advertising experts lose money while they test and re-test and re-test again. 
And often they still fail.
So what chance does the ordinary person have?
Yes, Facebook etc will continuously pollute your screen with how many people you can “reach” for a few dollars.
Well, they would say that, wouldn’t they?
As so many of my newsletter readers have discovered, “reach” is utterly meaningless.
It used to be called “OTS” (“Opportunities To See”).
A newspaper would sell a million copies, so there were a million “opportunities” to see your ad in there.
That didn’t mean a million people would look at your ad, though, did it!
So online media invented this “reach” term to confuse the issue.
To mislead you, really ….
As I’m writing this on Saturday morning my time, I just saw that Mr Zuckerberg, boss at Facebook, is now the 3rd richest person in the world.
He got there by selling people like you adverts that might “reach” people - but it rarely reaches the right people … and it’s even rarer that you get sales.
Same for Google, of course, with adverts on their search pages and on YouTube.
Yes, they’re massive and they provide a, mostly excellent, search engine.
But they make phenomenal amounts of money from their major source of income - selling you mostly worthless advertising space.
Now, of course, these companies will never tell you that you don’t need to pay for advertising, will they?
But I will.
And I do.
Time after time, day after day.
And I built 32 businesses around not paying for adverts.
And still, sadly, I get emails from my readers, saying how they “spent this amount and that amount on ads and lost all of their money and can I advise them”.
Yes, I can advise them.
Don’t pay for adverts.
I’ve spent months putting together a huge video course showing you my system on How To Use Social Media At No Cost to bring in customers.
The “No Cost” bit is crucial.
Simply, you do not need to pay for advertisements.
It’s based on mine and my company’s successes, tests (and our failures!).
I show you exactly what works, exactly how to do brilliant powerful and successful advertising - but you pay nothing to the Social Media companies.
If you follow the course, you’ll see how you can not only do better (get more clients, get more sales, get more followers, get whatever you want) - but you’ll not pay a penny for advertising, ever.
Let me be clear on something, please.
  • Every day, you and I see adverts and receive emails offering us ways to make money.
  • In almost every case, without fail, you’ll need customers.
  • And, if you follow the system in my course, you’ll get these customers for no cost.
  • And there’s nothing difficult, techie, or complicated about it.
Ah, how much?
Well, it’s $2,200 (but see below!)
Yes, a lot of money, I agree.
But you can’t buy many adverts for that - and they’ll mostly fail, losing you your money.
Whereas my system works … every time!
I have an offer a little further down today’s newsletter so that you only pay a tiny fraction of the course fee.
And if you’re a member, you get it for free, as always.
Which brings me neatly on to …
How To Build A Mailing List, For No Cost
I released another massive video course this week, which shows you my system on how to “Build A Mailing List, For No Cost”.
This system, too, is crucial to your success if you’re serious about building a business.
And don’t worry if you don’t know where to start -  as I always say, every list, every business, always started with zero customers!
This course, too, is $2,200.
But if you follow this private (do not share it, please) link, you’ll get both courses today for $50.
Yes, that’s for both this $2,200 course and the Social Media At No Cost $2,200 course that I talked about above.
Dropshipping Stores Update
Yesterday, I updated you on the successful ready built Dropshipping Stores that I offered earlier in the year.
The details are here:
… but only 1 Store is now available, so if you don’t want to miss out,  please make your decision quickly and let me know, please.
Thousands Of Videos Update
Earlier in the week, I explained that I would be telling you about a great way to get customers and money from videos - especially on YouTube.
Firstly, I offered you many thousands of videos, photo’s and audio files.
All have no royalty or licence fees so you can use them to make pretty much any video and you’ll never pay any extra fees.
Here’s the link - you only pay $17 for everything:
and that brings me nicely onto ….
Secondly - get your videos to Number 1 in Google and YouTube:
How to Get To Number 1 On YouTube And Google Today - At No Cost
On Wednesday, I told you about how difficult it is to get videos to the front page of Google and YouTube - positions that make you money immediately.
I also told you about a program I’ve been testing for 7 (now 8!) weeks, and how good it is.
And, as I’d anticipated, I saw emails Thursday and Friday immediately confirming how good it was - with my newsletter readers already on the front pages AND making AND receiving money.
The price has increased a little since Wednesday, but this Coupon Code will bring it back down to below $30 for everything, with nothing more to pay: “xpress11
The fee will, however, continue to increase each day - and after next Wednesday, new buyers will have to pay monthly - so you need to register now, please, and only pay the one-off fee for everything.
Here is your private video and information page - which shows you the Coupon Code again - but, as always, please don’t share it:
I trust that you’ve found all of the above fascinating and that you can see that actually starting and running a home business can be quite simple.

As I constantly say:
1) For success, just follow the system, and
2) Let me help you, as I’ve done for so many thousands of others!

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