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🤔How To Make A Million Dollars: 9 Proven Strategies

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May 25 · Issue #134 · View online
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  1. Urgent: Good News Re PixelModo!
  2. Think And Grow Rich Secrets
  3. How To Make A Million Dollars: 9 Proven Strategies
  4. New Course - The New You

Urgent: Good News Re PixelModo!
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Think And Grow Rich Secrets
For those who have read “Think and Grow Rich” by Napoleon Hill, you are aware that he constantly talks about a secret that he never specifically discloses leaving people with all types of guesses.
However, that aside - do you think the book would still be popular today if Napoleon had revealed the secret?
Well, I don’t think so, by leaving it unclear has made the book retain its relevance to this day.
Some say that the secret is “conceive it, believe it, and achieve it”.
This simply translates to the fact that you need to decide what you want and believe it with all your heart that you can and will achieve it.
With the belief, you’ll take necessary steps to actualize the idea.
Others claim that the secret is hidden in Chapter 2 of the book where Napoleon’s son said that he had identified the secret - the chapter is entitled “Desire - The Starting Point of All Achievement”.
In this chapter (2), Napoleon claims the method of transmuting desire for riches into an equivalent financial position consist of six practical steps:
Set a Definite Amount in Mind
You need to be specific on the amount of money you are aiming for.
Desiring to be rich or to make a lot of money is not a goal.
A goal is to make, let’s say, $5,000 a month in income.
Give Something In Return for the Set Amount of Money That You Desire
You need to determine what you will give in return for earning money.
You don’t earn something for nothing.
If it were like that, then everyone would simply make a wish, and it would appear.
You will need to exchange your efforts and time to get the money that you desire.
So, think of something valuable you can offer, be it a product or service- something that will give remarkable value to others.
Set a Timeframe
Set a fixed date when you want to achieve your goal and have the money you desire. 
Deadlines give you push and commitment.
Tell someone, who you wouldn’t want to disappoint about your goal and your deadline.
This will motivate you to work so that you can prove to them that you can.
Come Up With a Definite Plan
A goal without a plan is just a wish.
You need to create a practical, well-laid out plan on how you will acquire the money you desire.
It doesn’t matter whether you are ready or not - create your plan.
Decide what you are going to do and then start implementing the plan immediately.
Don’t wait for thoughts of procrastination to set in as this will lead to excuses.
Begin implementing your plans immediately.
Write a Professional Statement
Write a clear statement of the money you aim to acquire and a time limit to achieve it.
State what you will give in return to get the money and describe how you plan to accumulate it.
Writing your goal down will make it stick in your mind.
It becomes REAL and CONCRETE when it’s written down.
Read Your Written Statement Loud At Least Twice A Day
As you read, imagine yourself already possessing the money and being successful.
Ensure you read this in the morning and before retiring to bed at night. If possible, read it several times during the day.
This will keep your goal in your mind, like a mantra.
It should be the first thing that hit your mind when you wake up, the last thing you think of when you fall asleep, and the predominant thought as you carry out your daily activities.
As you think about it, believe that you’ve already achieved and all that you are doing is formalizing things.
The above six steps have one thing in common; you need to take ACTION and do all it takes to make your desires become a reality.
If we summarize all the above steps, here is what the breakdown is:
  • Conceive it
  • Believe it
  • Achieve it

And that is the secret Napoleon Hill hid in his book, Think and Grow Rich.
How To Make A Million Dollars: 9 Proven Strategies
For full details, do please listen to my latest podcast here.

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Have a great weekend!
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