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How To Succeed By 6pm Today


Would An Extra $1,000 A Month Help You?

February 4 · Issue #56 · View online
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How To Succeed By 6pm Today
Fear of failure is interesting.
The simple answer is that every business in the world, no matter how big, how successful, started with one person with an idea… and that idea almost certainly failed.
So, why do people actually fail?
I often ask people if they would “take a plane where the pilot has no experience and no training”. Obviously, the answer is always no.
I ask the same about getting on a bus, where the driver has no experience and no training. Same answer.
Would they go to a doctor with no experience and no training? No, they say, rightly!
But every day, thousands of people start a business. 
Even though they have no experience and no training.
But, thanks to the internet, training in business ideas is very easy.
It’s cheap to film people with experience and knowledge.
It’s cheap to “broadcast” that online.
The courses often sell for a tiny amount of money - certainly a tiny fraction of the cost of a franchise or even setting up a shop or factory.
The days of spending thousands of dollars to set a business up are gone, if you’re sensible.
You can not only learn step by step how to run a business (in itself, that’s quite easy for many niche businesses), but also get “over the shoulder” videos and, often, guides and worksheets to print out and “check” as you go along.
These are produced by people who are actually running the specific business - they have the experience and the knowledge and happily share it with you.
Pilots, bus drivers and doctors wouldn’t dream of not getting training and advice,
I fail to see why the same isn’t true of every start-up business.
Anyone can be “taught” to work on a production line.
“Turn this spanner right, turn this bolt left” etc.
But a home run business is the same. 
You follow what you are taught …
…. but with the bonus that you set the hours, you set the income, you set the working conditions, you are the boss.
And, today, again thanks to the internet, you can start many businesses with no money, no previous experience and no previous training.
An extra $1,000 a month is easier than it has ever been… if you learn from the experts and if you simply duplicate what they do.
The other thing worth mentioning is having confidence …
Once you see someone else making good money in a way that you know you could do, life suddenly becomes VERY exciting.
And online courses do exactly that!
Does that help / make sense, please?
Do let me know, below or via email (
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Despite what I said above, real training, even online, still costs a lot of money if you’re not sure of which business you want to start.
That’s why I offer you all of my courses, both current and the future ones, for $20 month.
My courses cost up to $2,000 each normally, but you can sift through the dozens of “make an extra $1,000 a month” businesses and see which one “takes your fancy”. 
You then can study the full course (at no extra fees or costs). You have full, unlimited access.
You learn exactly what to do, with videos, audio, workbooks, help files and so on. 
You study at your own pace.
You follow along and learn from the experts, people who are actually running these businesses.
You can cancel at any time, not a problem of course.
Oh, and it perhaps makes sense not to pay $20 every month. 
Most people choose my other option. 
It’s $60 a year - even cheaper! 
And you still get full, unlimited access to the current training, courses and advice - along with the new courses. 
There are at least 2 x  new courses every month.
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