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I'm Going To Go On About The Profits From Video Again ...

Today:    I'm Going To Go On About The Profits From Video Again ...   Examples Of How To Make Money F

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July 9 · Issue #174 · View online
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  1.    I’m Going To Go On About The Profits From Video Again …
  2.    Examples Of How To Make Money From Video
  3.    About Tomorrow, Tuesday

My mother-in-law and I. I'm on her right and she's on my left, which is also, peculiarly, your left too. It's something to do with advanced calculus, I think.
I'm Going To Go On About The Profits From Video Again ...
I talked a lot last week about how easy it is to make money these days from video, and I’m today giving you a free $1,500 course on how to use it to make good money, in the simplest possible way.

  • As you can see, I want you to get this, so I’ve done everything I can to help you!

There are 3 aspects to making money with video.
All are essential and I’ve solved all 3 for you, by (rather cleverly, I think) combining 3 things:

1) You need some footage (very high-quality video, photo’s) and you need music. 
I’ve supplied all these to you for $17 - there are thousands of items, for you to download and use as required.
There are no license fees, nothing more to pay. 

2) You need to get your videos showing on the “front page” of YouTube and Google.
I’m not sure if you’ve spotted this, but Google puts YouTube videos right at the top of their search listings. 
Here’s an example, (from 6 million results!) but you can find millions more:
This video has had half a million views in the last 18 months.
This is normally very hard to achieve.
I made a million dollars from doing this the hard way on YouTube alone, but I’ve been telling you about a terrific piece of software that I’ve been testing for 8 weeks now.
This does all of this work for you - and it works.
So, getting your videos to the front pages of YouTube and Google (and very visible elsewhere, Facebook included) is now a doddle.
(Yes, I wish I’d had this program in the past!)
This software program will be $37 a month on subscription from Thursday, but you can get it now for a simple one-off fee - and if you use my private Coupon Code of “xpress12” you’ll even get a further $12 off.
Here’s the link:

3) You need to know what to do (hint, it’s easy, once you follow my system!)
So that you can easily, simply and quickly do this, you can get a free copy of my new $1,500 course, “Effective Video Marketing”.
Please only click this free course link if you’ve already bought the other 2 parts that I talk about above (or if you’re a Tetmo member!)

Examples Of How To Make Money From Video
1) YouTube has extensive, and free, training on how to do this at
2) Sites like SocialBlade show you extensive stats on YouTube earnings. Just this one YouTube account, for example (in “how to and style” which is so easy to do!), makes between $170,000 & $3million each month:
Monthly and annual earnings
3) You can promote your own businesses so easily (at no cost, of course!) - for example:
  • the Dropshipping stores that I told you about on Saturday 
  • or affiliate products
  • or any of the other businesses that I show you daily here in the newsletter
I would find it very hard to make it this easy for you to make instant money, with no customers to deal with, no accounts to run, no staff and the ability to work more and thus earn more whenever you wish, could I?
Even if you can’t start this immediately - go to the links and get the items, so you’ve got them ready for later, please.

Here are the links again:
1) Thousands of videos etc:

2) Here’s the software that pulls it all together to get you on the front page of Google, YouTube etc.

3) Putting it all together:
$1.500 course - free link:

About Tomorrow, Tuesday
There will be a newsletter tomorrow as usual, but there may be a few hours delay in replying to emails as I have 2 earhole operations on Tuesday - I should be back to normal (and hearing better) on Wednesday!

Chief Video Expert and Head Of Ears For Tetmo 
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