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I've Received Two Crazy Emails ...

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May 29 · Issue #136 · View online
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  1. 50 Part Course - Wealth Creation
  2. I’ve Received Two Crazy Emails …
  3. Roku
  4. Alun’s Been Thinking With His Head …

I'm on the left in this picture.
50 Part Course - Wealth Creation
Last chance - I mentioned yesterday a new 50 part course on Wealth Creation and today is the last day you can get it.
It’s produced in an easy to follow format, one that you can refer back to time and time again.
Now, I would like you to get this, please - and to help you I’ve added some free extras, which will please you (and enable you to make some money immediately!).
See the video and all of the details by clicking this link, please:
I've Received Two Crazy Emails ...
I received two emails over the weekend, both basically saying the same thing.
“Alun, I don’t want to start any of the businesses that you teach us about, as I’ll be sharing the market with other people. 
Please, can you recommend a business that has no competition”.
Many people believe that competition is bad.
And they’re wrong.
Very wrong.
Competition verifies whether there is a market or not.
The hardest business to start-up is one where no-one has ever heard of what you’re selling - you basically have to educate the market first - and that is phenomenally costly just to test if there IS a market.
The easiest business to start-up is one where you can see for yourself that there is a market, that people are buying.
Never, ever, try and invent something new - it’s extremely costly and very likely to fail. 
Cruel but honest.
Some of the businesses I’ve shown you in recent weeks have been Amazon Stores, eBay Stores, AliExpress dropshipping stores, how to get into the t-shirt business and so on.
Each one has been incredibly successful for those who follow the system.
You wouldn’t start working as a bus driver or as a brain surgeon without following the system.
Even your first day at school, you had to learn the system.
Creating a successful business is all about finding out - before you start - what to do.
As just one example, for the Amazon Stores, those who followed the system have done really well, working only a few minutes a day.
A few others didn’t study or didn’t follow the system that was provided free of charge. They spent money buying adverts or simply posted contrary to what was taught. There was no need to spend money, no need to “invent” their own system. The systems I create work because they’re based on real-life experiences and multiple testing …. but only if you follow the system.
I mentioned my upcoming TV show on Roku yesterday, but a few people misunderstood, as I should have explained in more detail - sorry!
  • It will be a complete TV channel, dedicated to starting up and running small businesses
  • The individual shows will also be on Vimeo
  • The individual shows will also be on YouTube
  • Most of the individual shows will also be on Facebook
  • The daily newsletter will continue
  • The audio will mostly be on my podcasts

Alun's Been Thinking With His Head ...
  • Ironically, the soap pump has to be one of the dirtiest things in a bathroom
  • If you step on a person’s foot they open their mouth, just like a trash can
  • I wonder if 9 out of 10 dentists recommend certain products not because they’re actually good for oral health but because they’re good for their business of fixing teeth?
  • When you light a lighter you make it lighter
  • “Go to bed, you’ll feel better in the morning”, is the equivalent of “turn it off and turn it on again” in the human world

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