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Inspiring! These Start-Ups Have The World's Best Offices!

Starting / started your own business? Get inspiration for what's absolutely possible!All of these com

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January 26 · Issue #48 · View online
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Starting / started your own business? 
Get inspiration for what’s absolutely possible!
All of these companies started with one person .. and an idea …..

Want to Invent a World-Changing Product? This Office Thinks It Has the Solution [VIDEO]
The Maker of Candy Crush Has a Full Forest in Its Stockholm Office [VIDEO]
This Just May Be the World's Most Baby-Friendly Office [VIDEO]
Facebook Is Building an Entire Town for Menlo Park Employees. [VIDEO]
How Ancestry's Amazing Utah Office Is Both Inspiring and Sentimental
Alun's Been Thinking About Business ....
  • I’ve just realised that Bill and Melinda Gates’ kids have never had the experience of trying to explain something simple on a computer to their parents.
  • Why don’t waffle irons come with the correct size cup for scooping batter into the iron, so you do not need to guess how much is too much? Every ruddy time…
  • I wonder how many more oranges I would you have eaten if they came ready peeled. Is that even a business idea?
  • The easiest thing to sell door to door must be “No Soliciting” signs.
  • Is there a limit, after all these years, to how often a toothbrush can be “new and improved”?
  • If I owned the Apple stores, I’d definitely sell Apples. As an experiment.
  • Every single business on earth started as someone’s idea …. so now stop reading my jokes and go and create a business.
Have a profitable, free from a boss, day!

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