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It’s time to update you with my plans for 2018 - plans that involve you, of course!


Would An Extra $1,000 A Month Help You?

January 22 · Issue #43 · View online
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It’s Time To Update You With My Plans For 2018
It’s time to update you with my plans for 2018 - plans that involve you, of course!
Here’s the 2 things that I want us to concentrate on this year, each with the goal of an “extra $1,000 a month”.
First: Coaching.
Second: Your Own (Real) TV Channel.
Here’s more details and my reasoning.
I’m not going to get political (ever!), but marketing via Facebook, Twitter and so on is rapidly becoming a nightmare and I want us to get largely away from that.
To be clear, do still have a page / account and do post about your business, but for at least the time being, please let’s forget about buying any form of advertising with them.
They just change things too much, too often, whilst the public are increasingly mistrusting what they see.
Going forward from today, let it be YOU AND I that’s in charge of our incomes, not some overpaid kids experimenting with our money, to their benefit.
Let’s focus on what we know works - and avoid paying money out to others … others who keep changing the rules and systems, to their benefit and our detriment.
“In the United States, coaching is a billion dollar industry that employs over 20,000 new people every year.
A percentage of the population, usually the higher income brackets, use personal coaches for everything from self-confidence to learning to play tennis. 
A study by the Chartered Institute of Personal Development found that more than 90% of organizations have used coaches in some capacity in the past and 70% were planning on continuing or even increasing their coaching within the company.“
Now, your immediate reaction may be that coaching isn’t something that you want to do - but bear with me, as there’s a “twist” that you haven’t thought of!
As you know, I’ve made a lot of money from coaching - mostly online, which is the easiest way.
However, if you take a course which teaches how to coach on a specific subject / business, that means you learn all about that subject, that business model.
That means that you are now the expert on that subject / business, of course!
Can you see where this is going?
By taking a course on coaching something, you don’t need to teach others if you don’t want to - you can put that knowledge to work for yourself!
I have 5 new courses being released before the end of January, with one live now - I’ve finished doing my voice recordings over the last week (using my English voice on 1 of them, now that the Doctors allow it again!) and you can use these to either:
  1. Teach / coach (call it what you prefer!) these subjects to others, or
  2. Use the knowledge I give you for your own benefit, to run your own business, or, better still,
  3. Do both!
Here’s the course (working) titles:

  • “How To Start Your Own Dream Business”
  • “How To Do Live Video The Profitable Way”
  • “How to Start Your Own High-Ticket-Price Coaching Business” (live now)
  • “How To Write A Book In 30 Days”
  • “How To Create A Simple Product to Sell To Get People On Your List So That They Can Buy More From You” (I’ll definitely improve the title before I release this course!).
These courses will be $2,000 each, but you can register for all 5 today for $25 for all 5 of them - or, if you wait, they’ll be $20 each to you.
To order all 5 today, just click here please - the first course will be in your Tetmo account immediately and I will email you over the next week as each of the other 4 are added.
(Obviously, if you’re in my $20/ month or $60/ year unlimited access club, all these will be included at no extra charge - there are 60 courses in the membership as at today)
Secondly, Your Own (Real!) TV Channel.
If you follow me on LinkedIn (if not, why not?!), you’ll know that I’ve set up several TV channels late last year.
These are real TV (i.e., you can only view them on TV) Channels, not online or YouTube etc (and don’t get me started about YouTube’s new rules, please!).
I’m already getting great success from them, with several of the channels already having over 10,000 subscribers (in 8 weeks, with no promotion of any sort).
And a Hollywood Ad agency company asked (and got!) the rights to add TV adverts for their “big name” clients - and I get 70% of the fee paid by the advertisers.
The system I use, which you may have at home, is Roku TV and is available in many countries.
They’re superb, I’ve been very impressed. 
I think I may even have seen the future - before almost anyone else.
The problem, until now, is to do this needed a load of real programming - something that was only possible if you were CNN, CNBC, BBC or similar - way out of my league.
However, after rather a lot of work, I’ve had created a simple “fill in the boxes with your details and press go” software built.
So, do have a think about what you would do if you had the facility to have your own broadcast TV channel, as I’ll be offering this to you late next month - it won’t (can’t!) be very cheap, as I have to give you a domain and webspace for the software ongoing (including updates).
Fascinating, eh?
An Urgent Reminder ...
This is probably a good time to remind you that all of my current and future courses, including the facility to have your own TV channel are available for $20 / month or $60/year here:
There’s 60 courses there for you as at today, plus all the new ones.
Alun's Been Thinking About Business ...
  • Security guards at Samsung HQ are the Guardians of the Galaxy
  • When you buy designer clothes, you are paying to advertise their company.
  • The cash register “cha-ching” sound is associated with getting money, but when you hear it, you’re usually losing it instead.
  • There are no ideas that don’t exist.
  • By paying $0.99 to remove ads on a game or app, you’re probably giving companies a lot less than they’d make off the actual ads.
  • I wonder who owns the copyright to the copyright logo?

May we all live in exciting times!
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