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No, Alun, You Can't Do That ...

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  1.    No, Alun, You Can’t Do That …
  2.    Suggested Reading
  3.    My Fave US Road Sign …

Come to San Francisco they said. Borrow an open top sports car, they said. OK, I said. I didn't know it was a motorbike with handlebars, covered in plastic. Or that it had 3, yes three, wheels! Great fun, though - and my first experience of actually driving in the Americas'. I even had to look up what "yield" meant. See below, too!
No, Alun, You Can't Do That ...
I thought you’d like to see a few of the emails I’ve received from self-appointed “experts” telling me about things that I apparently can’t do:

  • You can’t start a business - you don’t have a degree!
I currently have 32 businesses, (but only 31 of them are currently profitable - deliberately!).

  • You can’t charge $1,200 dollars an hour to help people start / turn around their business!
They were right, in fairness. 
I charge more - and I currently have a 17 week wait list. Sorry!

  • You can’t tell clients you don’t want them anymore!
Oh, OK, I didn’t know that - but I’ve done it loads of times.
My advice is based on years of experience, both from my own businesses and from that of the many hundreds whom I’ve interviewed over the years (both successful and unsuccessful business people you can often learn more from failure than success) and if people don’t want it, they don’t have to take it. 
If they want me to tell them to “carry on as they are” and “it’ll be ok eventually”, they’re not a suitable fit for me.
I tell it like it is - I’m not here to be a yes man.

  • You can’t watch the wonderful Alan Whicker on British TV as a schoolboy, get inspired to travel the world like him and interview people for TV!
I did do this right up until I married - I even met my wife this way - see below!
I worked with CNN, the BBC and Nat Geo and explored the world for free, making great friends and life-long contacts.

  • You should invest your money in real estate / stocks and shares / MLM (etc)!
Never have done.
Never will.

  • You can’t live in 2 countries at once!
Well, I and my family do - Bulgaria and Austria - and we love both!

  • You can’t produce and present a BBC radio children’s programme aged 13!
Well, I did - and I learnt so much from the BBC about broadcast - experiences that stand me in good stead almost half-a-century later. 
Wish I had recordings of the shows, though!

  • No-one can make millions online / on the Internet / on YouTube / by podcasting / by writing (etc)!
Thanks for that advice. 
How come I am doing each of these, day after day, then?

  • You can’t write non-fiction books and get people to buy them in bookshops and online!
Oh, OK. 
I wonder why my publishers keep sending me royalty wire payments, then …
Please don’t tell the publishing companie that it’s impossible to make money from this!

  • If you ever enjoy your work, it’s just a hobby and “everyone knows” you can’t get rich from hobbies!
Ooh, thanks for that advice.
It’s nonsense of course - we all work harder and better when we do something we enjoy. 
We take more care, we study the procedures more - and we’re more successful as a direct result.

  • A grown man can’t collect model trains!
Ooh - didn’t know that.
How do kids afford them, then - they’re ruddy expensive!

  • You can’t be working for CNN TV in Russia, meet a local lady, marry her in Gibraltar and live anywhere you want in Europe together!
I’ll grant this one, sort of - it does seem difficult.
But we managed it.
We first met 7 years ago this coming Saturday and since our marriage just over 5 years ago, we’ve only had a few hours apart, when I had to fly to London at short notice and Lisa had an unbreakable appointment locally.
We’re together a full 24/7, despite our different backgrounds, upbringing, experiences and ages.
Now her mum and grannie are here with us, too, just a few doors away - and they’re lovely!

  • You can’t write a newsletter every day full of small business tips, advice and help - and give it away for free! You need adverts or something.
Err, I can.
And I do!
And I’ll never have adverts -  it’s ultra important to me that you know anything I write is 100% unbiased.
etc, etc!

So, remember, please
When someone tells you it can’t be done, it’s a reflection of their limitations, not of yours.
Just smile and say “just watch me!”

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