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"Oh, I Told Them They'd Fail - But They Never Listened to Me..."

Today:    "Oh, I Told Them They'd Fail - But They Never Listened to Me ..."   Alun's Been Thinking Ag

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  1.    “Oh, I Told Them They’d Fail - But They Never Listened to Me …”
  2.    Alun’s Been Thinking Again …

San Francisco. I have a battlechip on my shoulder.
"Oh, I Told Them They'd Fail - But They Never Listened to Me ..."
Thank you so much for all the kind messages after my “MBA Incident” story yesterday - I’ve replied to everyone and I had great fun reading your personal comments and experiences, thank you!
Have you ever said to a friend / neighbor / colleague / relative that you’re thinking about starting your own business?
Was their immediate reaction rather less supportive than you expected?
Did they instantly pooh-pooh the very idea?
I know the answer is “yes, they did” - but have you ever wondered why this is?
Simply, people want you to fail because that “proves” to them why they’re a failure. 
They want proof that improving their lifestyle / income / happiness isn’t possible, as that gives them “comfort”.
They always “know someone” who started a business and wasn’t successful - although they never give any more detail of why.
Oh, I told them they’d fail - but they never listened to me”.
This from a self-proclaimed expert, with zilch experience, you’ll note.
And, of course, they don’t know any successful people, as successful people always avoid 
  • time wasters
  • negative people
  • people who put others down to support their own failings.
When I was last in California, a crab fisherman (who has a vastly more dangerous job than I’d ever appreciated) told me about putting crabs in a bucket.
I discovered that every time you do this, there’s at least one who tries to climb out and escape.
But the other crabs always pull him back.
If you put a little rope ladder in the bucket, however, he can learn quickly to get away.
So ….
Ignore those who pull you down.
Carry on climbing.
But use the ladder of training, of learning, of experience, of your own instincts … to escape the hum-drum of normal life … and to escape the negative “experts”. 
Helpful? Let me know, please.
Alun's Been Thinking Again ...
  • Perhaps the reason why dogs destroy shoes is because they noticed that humans always need them before they leave the house
  • Why are women in razor ads always shown shaving their already hairless legs?
  • Amazon has no negative reviews for their parachutes
  • No one has ever been in an empty room
  • Whoever was the first person to make popcorn must have been pretty freaked out about how his corn was exploding
Chief Crab Saver and Head Of Joke Purveying.
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