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Pinterest And Amazon Stores - How To Get 1,000 Views A Day


Would An Extra $1,000 A Month Help You?

April 12 · Issue #101 · View online
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I'm not in this picture, taken when my cheap hire car turned up, as I ran away.
Interviews With Successful Small Business Owners
I used to do a lot of these and I’ve been asked to do more, so starting next week, I’ll be featuring people who are running their own small business.
These will range from “I started a few weeks ago .. here’s what I’ve done so far” through to people who run million dollar businesses from their kitchen tables.
I do think that showing you these real-life examples will encourage you to look at your own situation - and inspire you!
Your comments and thoughts, as always, are very welcome!
Pinterest and Amazon Stores - 1,000 Views A Day
I was delighted overnight to hear from a student who bought an Amazon Store - and who has no previous experience with Pinterest - and is now getting 1,000 views a day, in his first week.
His lack of experience with Pinterest meant he followed my advice - and outsourced the work …. a strong hint there for you!
I don’t offer Amazon Stores to anyone who hasn’t already bought one from me, sorry, but existing owners can order additional ones, please note.
Dropshipping Update
The recently offered dropshipping stores continue to generate impressive profits for their buyers and I will be offering new ones shortly (email me, please, if you want to get on the early waitlist).
What’s the number 1 secret to these successes?
It’s amazingly simple. 
Follow the training, in full (several people “picked” some lessons, omitting others, oddly. Please don’t do that). 
Especially look at getting Social Rabbit installed, please.
Follow the system. 
Systems work. That’s why all successfully replicated businesses have a system that must be followed. (Think of every McDonalds, the world over, for example!)
And if you do get “stuck”, the most successful people have asked for, and received, my help and advice. Of course!

Alun's Been Thinking About Working For Someone Else ...
Now, how many of you added up the percentages to see if they came to 100?

Friday tomorrow!
I’ll be back then - and keep your emails coming, please - I love to hear from you!
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