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Ready Now, As Promised: Sit At Home And Make Good Money


Would An Extra $1,000 A Month Help You?

July 4 · Issue #170 · View online
INVEST IN YOURSELF: Over $100,000 of courses. You only pay $50/month or $300/year for full access.

On JetBlue, flying between New York and San Francisco answering emails - impressive airline, especially if you sit at the pointy end. I'm on the left, the one wearing headphones.
Ready Now, As Promised: Sit At Home And Make Good Money
The newsletter is a little earlier today as ….
I promised you that this would be ready today - and it is!
You can, from today, Sit At Home And Make Good Money, with
  • No Website
  • No Domain
  • No Hosting
  • No Customer Contact
  • No Invoicing
  • No Stress
  • Instant Payouts
So, you’re wondering, HOW?
Well, the simple answer is with video.
As you know, I’ve made over a million dollars on YouTube alone - but until now, it’s been hard, but profitable, work.
Until today, you needed:
  • To Create Content
  • Training
  • To Buy Web Domains and Hosting
  • To Generate Traffic
  • To Get Ranked Highly
  • Get And Understand Somewhat Complicated Analytics
  • Create Tags That Will Allow YouTube etc To Understand Your Content
  • Write Descriptions in The Correct Way
  • Upload Videos Manually
  • Waiting To Get Paid
  • Manage The (Essential) Playlists
Profitable, yes - but much of this work is beyond most people - there’s a whole range of skills there, isn’t there?
Well, for the last 7 weeks now, I’ve been testing a way of doing all of this automagically by some very clever software.
Now, most people at this stage would tell you how much they’d made and sneakily imply that you’ll do as well.
I hate that and won’t ever do that, so please just understand that I never show you anything here that I haven’t tried and tested fully.
But let me say this.
If you want to 
  • work from home
  • at times to suit you
  • with everything supplied,
Then this is for you … 
… and your hourly income rate will very much make you smile.
And, if you wish, you can get paid today.
And never forget, please:
The beauty of making money from video is that
  • You only do the “work” once …
  • … yet the income continues for ever
I gave you a link to download thousands of videos, music tracks and photo’s (all with an unlimited licence for you to use), last week - if you missed them, not a problem - the link to buy it all is here again:
All you have to do is to follow the system shown in the full, simple, short, training videos - and the program does the rest for you in seconds!
  • No Uploading To YouTube - It Is All Done For You
  • All Traffic Is Generated For You
  • No Website Is Needed
  • No Domain Names Are Needed
  • Ranking In The Search Engines Is Done For You 
  • All Analysis And Reporting Is Done For You
  • All Keywords (“tags”) Are Researched For You
  • All SEO Is Done For You
  • All Meta Tags Are Done For You
  • All Descriptions Are Done For You
  • An advanced “Score Checker:” Is Built-In For You
and lots more … 
… but there’s one more thing I’d like you to know about:
  • You’ll also get a full Commercial Use Licence, so, if you wish, you can do this “work” for others - and I will tell you now that you will be charging $75 to $110 an hour .. and never have anything to pay out!

So, you’ll get an Instant Home Business, with no customer service or such-like, a small one-off fee only … and you’re in business for yourself later today …
… and you can, if you wish, be receiving your money by today.
And, if you wish, you can do videos for other people, too, and get them ranked on YouTube, for a very nice hourly fee.
  • I’ve been testing this for 7 weeks 
  • It works
  • There is only a small one-off fee
  • You can be receiving money today
My 5-stage Success System for this very straightforward advice is: 
  1. Spend 20 or 30 minutes watching the videos
  2. Do a test
  3. Check the response
  4. Be delighted
  5. Go for it big style!
Here’s the link, to include the full commercial licence at no extra cost (do keep this private amongst ourselves, though, please!)

Chief Of Advising How To Make Money From Video - And Deputy Head Of Flying East To West and West To East, But Rarely North To South Or South To North, Due To Unknown Variables And Peculiar Headwinds.
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