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Revealed: The 24 Secrets Of The World’s Most Successful People

Today: True StorySuccessThe 24 Secrets of the World’s Most Successful People

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True Story
Many years ago, I owned a small mobile (cellular) phone shop in London.
I called it “The Phone Box”.
(I grew the business to 3 stores, including one on Oxford St, opposite Selfridges)
For my first shop, though, I was clearly doing well - the shop was busy seven days a week.
My staff were mainly “resting” actors and actresses (I trained them to imagine they were on stage when a customer walked in - and they loved it!)
They were magnificent - I’ve always believed in really looking after my people - they’d stand outside the stations on a morning and evening handing out leaflets - they’d do everything to get the business, so long as it was decent, honest and truthful. 
I paid them a very high basic, no commission - they were then able to sit with customers and discuss what was best for them, not what was best for the sales staff, which went very well.
Anyway, the shop immediately to the left of mine became vacant and a rival company bought it.
They plastered their shopfront with posters reading “Best Offers”, “Cheapest Phones”, “Lowest Prices” and similar - they didn’t even bother putting a name sign over the shop - they concentrated on getting people to their shop instead of mine - and they did rather well, to my embarrassment.
Then, lo and behold, only 7 weeks later, the shop to my right was turned into yet another phone shop.
They clearly thought there was enough business for 3 shops (trust me, there wasn’t!).
They also covered their windows and the sign over the shop with more posters, but they went a bit upmarket, boasting “Best Service”, “Fully Trained Staff” and so on.
Business was getting desperate, for all 3 of us.
Arriving for a spot visit to my staff one morning, I noticed that only my shop had phones fully on display in the window - and it quite stood out from the other 2 shops, which were quite intimidating, as you could barely see inside.
I ordered even more lights and more window displays, showcasing the range of models.
Over the door, I put a huge sign, with big fluorescent yellow arrows pointing to the doorway.
My sign read “Main Entrance”.
Within 6 weeks, the other 2 shops went bust.
And I sold my 3 stores a year later for over a million pounds net, part of which, rightly, I shared with the wonderful staff of my first store.

Never give up, there’s always a solution - you just need to look for it.
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The 24 Secrets of the World’s Most Successful People
I’d like to recommend that you consider taking a look and learning from this, today, please, as I so often mention that you can always learn so much from successful people:
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  • How to make absolutely any project seem easy (and get it done in a fraction of the time!)
  • How to get customers to love you and want to buy everything you touch
  • How to turn every mistake and failure into a new paycheck
  • How to turn every dream you have into a reality … over and over again
  • … and so much more (including the 24 secrets of success)
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