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Revealed Today: The Easy Way To Make Money With Social Media


Would An Extra $1,000 A Month Help You?

May 2 · Issue #116 · View online
INVEST IN YOURSELF: Over $100,000 of courses. You only pay $50/month or $300/year for full access.

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Revealed Today: The Easy Way To Make Money With Social Media
I’ve been planning a course on Social Media for some time, as you and I know that, done correctly, it’s a simple route to riches.
  • no customer service, 
  • no websites to set up,
  •  no payments to deal with, 
  • no accounts 
  • and so on.
However, such a course needs to be simple, but in depth - and it needs a few extra items to really give you everything you need to succeed.
Anyway, a friend of mine, Edmund, who, shall we say, does rather well on Social Media, already has the perfect course - and he says I can offer all 36 of the video lectures to you today for less than 10 dollars.
Here’s the included videos:
  • 1. How To Use Facebook Live To Share Value
  • 2. How To Create High Engagement With Your Audience
  • 3. How To Utilize Facebook Live As A Sales Funnel
  • 4. How To Generate More Leads After Your Live Broadcast
  • 5. How To Create Your Own Facebook Ads Campaign
  • 6. How To Use Facebook Ads To Market Your Business
  • 7. How To Optimize Your Facebook Ads Using Facebook Insights
  • 8. How To Find And Retarget New And Old Prospects
  • 9. How To Start A Targeted Facebook Group
  • 10. How To Turn Your Facebook Profile Into An Authority Figure
  • 11. Bridging The Gap Between You And The Community
  • 12. How To Reach Thousands Of Followers With Facebook Fan Page
  • 14. How To Reach Targeted Audience: Optimizing Youtube SEO
  • 15. How To Make Viral Video For Ultimate Business Branding
  • 16. How To Use Featured Videos To Increase Views And Subscribers
  • 17. How To Use YouTube Live To Convert Prospects Into Clients
  • 18. How To Use YouTube Ads For High Conversions
  • 19. How To Establish Your Linked Profile As An Authority Figure
  • 20. How To Use Linked To Find Targeted Clients
  • 21. How To Utilize LinkedIn To Grow Vast Business Connections
  • 22. How To Optimize LinkedIn SEO To Maximize Traffic
  • 23. How To Customize Messaging To Expand Your Network
  • 24. How To Use LinkedIn Ads To Generate Leads
  • 25. How To Optimize Your Instagram Photo To Increase Viewership
  • 26. How To Personalize Your Profile To Attract Prospects
  • 27. How To Optimize Your Instagram Post To Engage With People
  • 28. How To Use Instagram Ads To Generate Leads
  • 29. How To Get Targeted Followers On Instagram
  • 30. How To Hold An Instagram Contest To Gain More Fame & Exposure
  • 31. How To Use Pinterest To Grow Your Business
  • 32. How To Personalize Your Profile For Branding
  • 33. How To Optimize Your Pin To Generate Interest
  • 34. How To Create More Views With Engaging Pin: Rich Pin
  • 35. How To Advertise On Pinterest To Generate More Sales
  • 36. How To Use Pinterest To Get Targeted Traffic & Customers
And There's More ...
And he’s kindly included some extras, just for you:

  1. 8 extra course video modules for free.  These teach you how to become a Social Media Manager not just for yourself, but also for other companies - this is a great start-up opportunity for you!
  2. Full, free, access to an online webinar where 2 people, both of whom are millionaires from Social Media, will teach you how to make money with Social  Media. This is a one-off webinar and it is highly anticipated, understandably!
There is an extra option actually, if you’re clever about this.
For about $10 more, you can have a full license to sell these courses yourself - and you can even brand them with your own name. 
You become the expert, you keep all of the money.
One “catch” - this offer will only be open for a few days, sorry! But, if you have to think about whether all of this is worth your time and less than 10 dollars, well …. (!) Once it’s gone, it really has gone.
You can only get all of this through this special link - click here - but, for your future’s sake, do hurry, please!

Oh, and, yes, of course, there’s a no-questions-asked 30-day money back guarantee.
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