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So, Alun. What Are You Making Money On Now, Please?

"So, Alun. What Are You Making Money On Now, Please?" I get asked this a lot, understandably, so I'll

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“So, Alun. What Are You Making Money On Now, Please?”
I get asked this a lot, understandably, so I’ll update you today.
(I should say for those who don’t know, that I spend a lot of time, effort (and usually money!) testing things. Those that don’t work, I keep quiet about … those that do, I then turn into a detailed course showing every aspect, so that you can simply copy what I’ve learnt and be successful).
So, I’m mainly concentrating on two things at the moment, subscription boxes and t-shirts.
Subscription boxes:
This is a very interesting business, one that’s grown like crazy in recent months.
Basically, a customer agrees to a monthly spend of around $30 and gets a box, but doesn’t know what’s in the box. There’s a general theme, men’s socks, makeup, razor blades and so on, but that’s all the customer knows.
Problems include marketing, buying the items (upfront costs!), boxing the items, postage, staffing, dealing with refunds, customer care and so on.
However, I’ve actually cracked each of these problems, creating a “stand alone” business that anyone can run, on their own, for no outlay and no day to day work.
One of my test sites sells an “in-demand” item for $200 each month, while my total cost is less than $80 - and I don’t pay anything upfront, which is fun! Interestingly, I started at $150  a month and then increased the price, which increased the number of subscribers…..
It’s taken me quite a while, as you can imagine, and I’m currently refining it even more. And, yes, it’s silly profitable already.

T Shirts
I get asked all the time about t-shirts, especially with so many courses on “Amazon Merch”, which seems like a perfect, easy, business (If you’re not aware of it, you “simply create a design, upload it to Amazon and they create and sell the t-shirts, paying you a commission
Several problems though are rarely addressed in these courses - the main one being that getting accepted for Merch entails many months of waiting - some people wait months, whilst others wait weeks.
Then you have the problems of awaiting Amazon approving (or not) your design, strict rules on how many designs you can have (not many, until you’ve sold loads!) and they sell for, to my mind, a high price, when t-shirts should be an impulse purchase online. 
There are complaints about poor quality, bad smells (!) and delays in shipping - all the things you wouldn’t expect from Amazon. Then you’ve got people uploading copyrighted stuff - which Amazon catches, mostly, but it delays approvals for everyone else, as each design and all descriptions are checked by a small team of people before your design can “go live”.
(One of the great things about t-shirts is that you should be able to react to breaking news and have t-shirts available the same day, as there’s a lot of money to be quickly made there, for example).
So, yes, a great business model, but time-consuming and not individually profitable, plus you have to hope that Amazon will market your t-shirt above others. 
Oh, and how the heck do you get t-shirts designed that look astonishing without paying out a fortune to some artist?
Well, I’ve also cracked each of these problems and I’m currently running a profitable t-shirt test business for about $40 a month, including all of the (beautiful!) unique designs, all marketing and so on (Google shows my designs within minutes). To be clear, I’m paying out nothing more than this $40.
Above all, my t-shirts are half (or less) the price of Amazon at $9.99 each (impulse purchase, remember!) .. and I make $4 on each sale .. oh, and people tend to buy several at a time. I’ve outsourced EVERYTHING successfully so far, and I start scaling it up this weekend.

So, as you’ve guessed there’ll be courses on each of these soon - and I’ll announce them here first, with the usual 90%+ discount, of course!
Have a lovely weekend!

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