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Success = Think, Then Act. Don't Delay. Don't Regret.

Today: Success = Think, Then Act. Don't Delay. Don't Regret. Ready. Fire. Aim.

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August 9 · Issue #201 · View online
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  1. Success = Think, Then Act. Don’t Delay. Don’t Regret.
  2. Ready. Fire. Aim.

Think. Then Act. Don't Delay. Don't Regret.
Success = Think, Then Act. Don't Delay. Don't Regret.
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Ready. Fire. Aim.
You know that expression, “Ready, fire, aim?”
It’s used so often that it’s a become cliché.
But the other day I was reminded of something when I tried playing darts.
You see, I’m not very good at darts - because I don’t play it.
So when I picked up a dart and went to throw it, I didn’t really know what I was doing.
But that didn’t stop me from throwing it and seeing where it landed.
And once I saw where it landed, I adjusted accordingly and threw again.
I was throwing, adjusting, throwing, adjusting… and pretty soon I was not only hitting the target, I was even getting a few bullseyes.
Business is like that.
You try something, see how you need to make adjustments, and then do it again.
This is the best way I know of to get started and get success quickly in anything.
So whatever your big goal is this month, get ready, fire, readjust your aim and do it again.
By the end of the month you’ll have made great progress.

Alun, who’s useless at all sports, even darts!
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