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T-Shirt Business Update - And The September Newsletter!

Hi - 2 updates for you: Firstly, a reminder that the September newsletter (free!) runs to over 100 pa

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September 23 · Issue #16 · View online
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Hi - 2 updates for you:
Firstly, a reminder that the September newsletter (free!) runs to over 100 pages.
Secondly, an exciting update, below, on the t-shirt business.
Here’s the contents of the September newsletter:

  • Tiny Niches = Big Profits? What about HUGE Niches and MASSIVE Profits?
  • How to Turn Internet Real Estate into a Financial Fortune
  • Just Starting in Online Marketing? Sorry, But You’re Too Late
  • How to Build an Email List for FREE using StumbleUpon …
  • How to Quickly Author a Book That Makes Money Like Crazy
  • How to Get Accepted into Your First CPA Network
  • How to Send Loopy Emails for Max Sales
  • What Time is Best on Reddit?
  • How to Start a YouTube Channel
  • Giving Up …
  • 12 Chrome Extensions Pretty Much Guaranteed to Improve Your Inbox
  • Do You Realize …
  • Orville Redenbacher’s Marketing Debacle
  • How Adding One Word Triples Price
  • How to Sell Stuff U.S. Style
  • The Power of Marketing
  • Justine Musk on What it Takes to Become a Billionaire
  • Learning Facebook Marketing – From Facebook
  • For the Fun of It – WIFI Passwords
  • How Dropbox Went from 5,000 to 75,000 Wait-list Signups in 1 Night
  • Using Our Greatest Weakness As An Online Strength List Building Money Making Machines, Part IV: How to Monetize Your Funnel and Get PAID to Build Your Email List
  • Psychology 101
  • Facebook Bans Advertisers, Pages That Disguise Links Violating Its Rules
  • How Soft Calls to Action Can Save Your B2B Campaigns
  • 5 Digital Marketing Trends Your Business Needs to Try
  • 9 Business Ideas Under $1,000 You Can Run from Anywhere
  • 8 Mistakes Site Owners Make when Creating their ‘About Us’ Page
  • 10 Fatal Social Media Mistakes You CANNOT Afford to Make
  • How to Find Your Competitor’s Backlinks
  • 11 Lessons Learned from Failed Link Building Campaigns
  • Offliners: 45 Local SEO Pitfalls & How to Avoid Them Facebook’s Testing a New Way to Target Ads to People Who’ve Visited Your Store
  • How Audiences Respond to Podcasts: New Research
  • How to Grow Your Facebook Following: A 6-Step Plan
  • Facebook’s Original Video is Something Publishers are Actually Excited About
  • Facebook Now has Technology for Manipulating Live Videos
  • 7 Windows Maintenance Mistakes You Should Never make
  • Dropbox’s CEO Was Late…
  • 437 Digital Marketers went Head-to-head with a Conversion-Predicting Machine – Who Reigns Supreme?
You can download the full newsletter for free at my site
Now, the t-shirt business I’ve been testing ….
if you missed that) and I’m currently in Romania, again meeting people who are doing ridiculously well with this business.
I’m in Cluj-Napoca (real place, in Transylvania!) at the moment, earlier in the week I was in Timisoara (with some of the fastest internet in the world!) and I’m in the capital Bucharest on Monday.
(Aside, airfares are very cheap here - my round-trip flight, an hour each way to Bucharest and back, is about $15!).
I’ll have the full training course finished for you next month, ready for you to make money for Christmas, but I wanted to share something today that I learned last month.
This will give you “a running start” in the business.
The guys in Poland took me to a shopping mall. 
We sat in a juice bar. 
They took put notepads and said “Just watch us”.
Yes, I was intrigued!
I was rather surprised to see what they were doing.
They were making notes on the t-shirts that people were watching.
They explained that this was how they got started.
Firstly, almost every t-shirt was in English.
Then they could see what sort of slogans or pictures were popular (just to be clear, I would never advocate copyright theft - but the course will explain fully).
This gave them great ideas for the sort of things that would sell.
I suggest you spend an hour or 2 doing the same, please.
It will allow you a fascinating insight into who wears t-shirts (everybody!) and it will give you some amazing insights into what sells (colours / designs / text size and so on).
As you’ll see when the course is ready, designing the t-shirts themselves is the biggest problem. Or, rather, it isn’t, as we’ve found how to do this for no cost (OK, about $10 upfront, but then an unlimited number of top professional shirt designs “spit out”).
I’m not going to fully share today what I’m earning, as I want to show you the full proof in the course, but if you follow what you’ll learn, you’ll have the shirts “dropshipped” for less than $6 including printing, making you rather a lot of dollars per sale, in one of the 3 methods I’ll be teaching.
Now, I’m spending a lot of time testing this - and I’ve spent a lot of money sorting out what works, what doesn’t (!), and meeting real experts.
I’ve done all this so that you don’t have to, of course - you just follow what I’ll show you next month.
(To be ultra clear, you’ll never get involved with buying any stock / postage / etc.)
So, do enjoy the September newsletter, please - and here’s to the t-shirt business!
(Oh, you were interested in the other dropshipping business that I’m testing? I can reveal that I’m successfully testing handbags and pearl jewelry and the customers are paying me every month for a new handbag or new pearls (it’s amazing what can be done from a laptop, isn’t it!) - more on that later!)

Onwards and upwards!

A Reminder ...
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