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The February Free Newsletter Is Available


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February 14 · Issue #66 · View online
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Only Englishmen paddle with their socks on ......
The February Free Newsletter Is Available
Here’s the contents:
Short Reports
  • Automatically Recycle Social Media Posts
  • One Person Drove Bitcoin from $150 to $1,000
  • Dear Rich Bastard…
  • Do Your Customers ‘Eat’ Your Emails?
  • BassAckwards Marketing
  • Target Marketing – From Zero to #1 Seller
  • Get Higher Conversions with These 10 Personalization Tricks
  • Guy-Next-Door Beats Guru-God Every Time
  • This Simple Little Biz Nets $1,000 a Month
  • Do This Once, Get Paid for Years
  • This Isn’t Sexy - But it Sure is Profitable!
  • 12 Upselling Tips for Maximum Profits
  • 4 Ways to Increase Sales Right NOW
  • Case Study: $3,000 Per Site Per Month
  • 8,947 Ways to Increase Conversions
  • The Tale Of Two Beggars
  • Things Are Not Always What They Seem
News And Resources
  • Increase Conversions Onsite
  • How to Get Started with Facebook Advertising
  • Google Now Lets Users Mute Remarketing Ads
  • The Weird Form Style that Increases Conversions 25 – 40%
  • Surprise! Marketers can Benefit by Taking Political Stands
  • 18 Reasons Why You Should Used WP for Your Business Website [Infographic]
  • Google Search Console Beta is Now LIVE for Everyone
  • 5 Things Every Marketer Must Do to Survive and Thrive on Facebook in 2018
  • Finding Your Brand’s Voice
  • How to Push Content to the Top of Google SERPs
  • Horrible Marketing? Or Excellent Targeting?
  • “Increase Conversion Rates | 3K/Month Minimum Investment”
  • Free Social Media Marketing Industry Report
  • New York and Montana Attack the Attack on Net Neutrality
  • 5 ways to Maximize LinkedIn for Business in 2018

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Alun's Been Thinking About Business ....
  • RVs are going to be A LOT more popular once they are fully autonomous.
  • Future generations won’t just have Geography class. They will have Earth Geography class, Mars Geography class, etc. Thanks, Elon … more work!
  • Downhill ski jumping would be more exciting if the skiers wore wing suits.
  • Someone actually invested money into Bing ….
  • If a vacuum doesn’t suck, then it sucks.
  • Sharks are really very positive creatures. They only swim forwards, towards the future. Think like a shark, don’t look back.


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