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The Outsourcing Special - As Promised!


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March 30 · Issue #95 · View online
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Do you like my hats? Biking (great fun!), followed by Zorbing (scarey!) and Zipwring over a huge lake (terrifying!), in Poland
The Outsourcing Special - As Promised!
I often get asked if it’s possible to make money with the least amount of work.
Of course, it is - any business owner soon realizes the need to get staff to do much of the work for him or her.
However, staff can be expensive and they can be unreliable.
But the biggest problem is keeping staff “occupied” - that is making sure that they have enough profitable work to do - and not too much.
For many years, I’ve “outsourced” things - printing, designs, logo’s, even staff recruitment itself, of course, when I had offices in London.
However, with the spread of faster internet, it now means that so many people can work from home - they don’t need to come into your premises, they don’t need the hassle of commuting times and cost - and often they can work the hours that fit better around their home and family commitments.
Business is all about being efficient.
The more efficient you are, the more you lower your costs - so the greater your profits can be, even if you lower your prices to get even more business …. and your stress levels are reduced too when you work efficiently!
So, I called this week “outsourcing week”, as I want you to look at outsourcing for your home run business.
Nowadays, we can easily run very efficient home businesses by outsourcing so much of the work to areas where wages are a fraction of what we would pay locally.
We can arrange the hours taken to suit us, not the staff, and by using simple, but advanced, software, we can not only give instructions to our staff - we can also track the work and time taken very efficiently (I like “efficiency”, as you may have realized!).
I’m going to go further today than you might have anticipated by showing you a business model whereby you have everything setup and run for you by reliable outsourced staff, who work for a few dollars an hour.
Those of you who have taken one (or more!) of the Amazon Stores in recent weeks will immediately understand the potential for this!
The Amazon stores need you to spend a little time daily adding content to Facebook and the like. 
Now, it’s simple work, but it’s also repetitive and tedious - especially if you class yourself as an entrepreneur.
(And you don’t need me to tell you that tedious work is the easiest to “put off until "later”!)
Simply, we follow the affiliate model further - based on your new found knowledge that it’s both easy and profitable to post on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest .. and you earn an affiliate fee on every subsequent sale.
I’m going to recommend that you use TaskBullet for your outsourcing, with whom I now have a great relationship.
They’re based in the Philippines, thus keeping costs very low indeed, but they have customer service teams in the USA to get you started and to answer any questions you may have.
They now have entire teams devoted to posting on these Social Media sites … so here’s what you do.
You register with affiliate companies (always check their individual terms, please - I’m here to give you ideas, not contractual or legal advice, of course!) - I’ve listed a good few below to whet your appetite and to help you get started!
The teams at TaskBullet will set everything up for you and post daily.
These posts will have your affiliate links, so you earn the commissions, usually paid weekly to monthly.
It’s as simple as that.
TaskBullet has a very efficient (that word again!) way of working.
You buy what they describe as a “bucket of hours” - the more you buy, the cheaper it is per hour.
You have 3 months to use these hours - this is great because you can start off slowly and then ramp up once you see where your best earnings are coming from.
Oh, and yes, of course, they have a money back guarantee, as you’d expect!
Remember how I go on about how you must always have Multiple Streams Of Income?
Well, this is the easiest way to do that!
Here are some ideas on how to start making money from this:

  • I have my shoes handmade by Robert August - and they’ll pay you 12% (that’s about $100 a time) for anyone who buys shoes based on your outsourced promotion work. Like most companies, they have great graphics that you can use and will give you a private page, discount offers and other promotion materials and ideas.
There are also companies like:
  • who offer thousands of jobs daily - I think this could be great to outsource, as it’s an in-demand post on Facebook etc and easy for the job seeker to see - and they pay very well!
  • Do look at companies like Shareasale, Affilorama and Commission Junction, too, please, as each of these has hundreds of affiliated companies … and these companies pay you in one bulk payment regularly.
These could be profitable too:
  • Ebates - provider of cash back for everyday online shopping
  • Stella and Dot - fashion and beauty direct sales company
  • Grove Collaborative - provider of natural products for healthy, beautiful homes
  • Bare Minerals - mineral makeup and skincare
  • Awin - an affiliate network that provides a wide range of beauty and fashion products
There are simply thousands of opportunities like this - and they all want to pay you lot of money, of course - that’s their business model!
Here’s the link to the outsourcing company again - - and remember, their rates are not per week or month, they lst 90 days!
For many of us, this is the Easter break long weekend - it seems to me to be a sensible use of your free time to research and set up a few of these Multiple Streams Of Income, don’t you agree?
As It's Easter ....
The next newsletter will be Tuesday, as I’m away to explore the local mountains (by car!) with my family - pics will probably be here next week!
I’ll have limited email access from Friday pm my time to Monday inclusive.
Have a good weekend - spend it planning your - and your family’s - future, please!
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