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There's 200 Staff Ready To Help You

Today: 200 Staff Ready To Help You DropShipping Stores Update Reviews of Me!

Would An Extra $1,000 A Month Help You?

August 7 · Issue #199 · View online
INVEST IN YOURSELF: Over $100,000 of courses. You only pay $50/month or $300/year for full access.

  1. 200 Staff Ready To Help You
  2. DropShipping Stores Update
  3. Reviews of Me!
  5. And Tomorrow …

No, this isn't the staff. Nor am I in today's photo.
200 Staff Ready To Help You
I didn’t mention this yesterday, but there are 200 staff ready to help your Affiliate Stores succeed.
So, for $17, you not only will have multiple stores, all built at the push of a button, but you also have 200 experts on line to help you if you have any questions.
That’s just part of what I strive to do for you.
Remember, please:
  • Business needn’t be complicated.
  • Building a business needn’t be expensive.
There’s all these people selling you franchises, shops, plans etc - and yet you don’t need to spend tens of thousands to set up a business.
And you don’t need to spend money on Facebook adverts.
Nor do you need to pay some franchising company a monthly fee - along with a large share of YOUR profits.
It’s all so unnecessary.
I’ll continue this discussion in a second, but if you missed yesterday’s reveal, showing you how to press a few buttons and set up affiliate stores in a couple of minutes, the info page is here:
DropShipping Stores Update
As you know, a few readers of this daily newsletter are achieving terrific success with dropshipping stores, which I built for them.
The sample store, to show you an example of how good they look is here:
From those buyers who kindly shared their incomes with me, the most profit is just over $3,100 a month - the lowest profit is $820 (but that store only launched last month).
As ever, your results will vary - but the secret is to follow the training and get my help… both are included!
With these Stores, your profit is always over 50% on each purchase, and customers make multiple purchases - and they make repeat purchases!
You don’t spend anything on promotions/ marketing etc - and all the items sold are sent direct from the warehouses to your customer - who pays you, upfront in full.
I have just one more Store available today (the build takes 7 to 10 days) for $700.
This is for a complete Store, with 100 items in stock, along with all training, support and help.
And it includes site hosting, SSL (https) security, and a domain name.
As always, first come first served, please. Ask me for an invoice - you’ll need to pay immediately, please, to ensure that you get this Store.
When I make the next Stores available, they’ll be $1,000 each, so a quick decision will not only make you money sooner, it’ll save you money, too!
Reviews of Me!
I have quite a few readers this month who may not be aware of me - and may have not seen some of the reviews that people have kindly, unprompted, written.
I have a site at that gives you some more information about me - with a review page here:
And did you know that I have
“ … now taught almost 100,000 people, all over the world (both in person and via my online courses), the skills to succeed in their own, usually home based, business.”
I also have a very large training site at
This has large video courses on many businesses that you can start, along with training on marketing via Social Media (for free), building an email list - and much more.
Each course is around $2,000, but you can get access to every course for a small monthly or annual fee.
A business education has never been cheaper!
And Tomorrow ...
… is the 200th issue of my daily newsletter.
Don’t miss it, please!

Alun, who is aged 199 today. Sort of!
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