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This Is The ONLY Way To Make Money In MLM, Says Alun


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San Francisco, last year. I'm on the left. Again.
This Is The ONLY Way To Make Money In MLM, Says Alun
I had an email overnight from a student who was wondering why I have no courses on MLM, as he was looking at getting involved with one.
Here’s what I replied:
“I’ve yet to come across anyone who makes long-term income from an MLM - and I’ve studied the marketplace for 40 years.
Almost every company in that time has suddenly ceased trading - or been involved in Court battles, which is never good for recruitment, even when they win.
Speaking as a long time journalist, the press loves to "expose” this marketplace, simply because it’s so easy - when you get so many people, with no knowledge or training in business procedures, it only takes one “bad apple” to make a good story - and bad people, however well-intentioned, are very easy to find. 
MLM promoters start by selling to friends and family - and such people are shocked if they hear bad things, however tiny, about a company - and it reflects poorly on you. 
Often, too, they buy to “help you get started”, so such sales are easy.
Selling to strangers, even more so with so many others also selling the same product range, is substantially harder.“
I then referred him to an article in my current monthly (free) newsletter, at
So, can you make money in MLM?
But odds are that you won’t.
MLM stands for multi-level marketing, also known as network marketing, pyramid selling or referral marketing.
It’s a marketing strategy chosen by some companies to sell their products and services.
Basically, the non-salaried "distributors” and “consultants” sell the company’s products, while the earnings are paid upward in a commission system.
Each MLM company creates its own compensation plan, but they all have this in common: Participants are paid for sales they make and sales their recruits make.
In theory, it sounds great. 
Recruit a few distributors, who each recruit a few distributors, who each recruit a few distributors, and soon you’re earning money on tens or even hundreds of distributors.
And it’s a BIG BUT…
Times have changed and there’s no longer many opportunities for the little guy in multi-level marketing.
Studies by independent consumer watchdog agencies have demonstrated time and again that between 990 and 999 of every 1,000 participants in MLMs lose money, as reported in the book, “Amway Forever: The Amazing Story of a Global Business Phenomenon.”
But according to reports from the Federal Trade Commission website, it’s not that bad - only 99.25% of MLM participants make little to no profit, with the largest proportion of participants operating at a net loss.
Which begs the question: 
How are these companies able to stay in business?
Two things: 
First, they sell their distributors the story that they can make it to the top and lead the rich life. 
To ‘prove’ this, they showcase the tiny number of distributors at the top of the pyramid who are making money.
They also downplay the expenses and time involved to make any real money, as well as the fact that new distributors are likely to alienate friends with their newfound zeal for the company’s line of products and opportunity.
Second, they churn and burn distributors at a crazy rate. 
Once a distributor has purchased the required “starter pack” and “training” and “extras,” and also put in many hours trying to 'make this thing work,’ they give up.
And I can’t really blame them.
And, worse, it often makes them believe that working from home is impossible.
Which begs the question: 
Who is making money in MLM?
Three groups of people: 
  1. Those who start the MLM companies
  2. their friends who are the very first ones to join and thus be at the top of the pyramid, and a third group…
  3. the shovel sellers.
Being a MLM coach can be quite lucrative.
You can work with anyone in any company and help them to build their business, for a fee.
You can create and sell courses on how to recruit and motivate a downline.
And you can sell books, audio sets and so forth on having the 'right motivation’ and tactics to succeed in a big way.
Products like these are gobbled up by aspiring MLM distributors, and sometimes even purchased in bulk by companies for training their downlines.
Bottom Line: 
If you’re thinking of getting into MLM, you might want to forgo joining a company and instead sell the tools that help new distributors to succeed in their new opportunity.
Amazon Store Sites Update
These 2 stores, from last Thursday - are now available again, as the purchaser subsequently wanted to pay “next year” … weirdly!
(Please don’t order if you can’t pay immediately, as this obviously isn’t fair on the many people I have to refuse each day).
If you don’t know about this, and how I “cracked” Amazon, please see here.
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This includes ALL of the following 11 sub-niches:
  1. Ball winders
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  3. Crochet patterns
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  5. Knitting and crochet notions
  6. Knitting kits
  7. Knitting looms and boards
  8. Knitting needles
  9. Needle cases
  10. Yarn
  11. Yarn Storage
(The knitting and crochet community love to share “finds” like this, so I suspect the built-in share buttons to Facebook etc will be very heavily used - I love free advertising, don’t you?).
The price is $420.
If you’re an annual member of (or you join today), you get the 2  stores for $250 (for both!), because I’m good to my members like that.

As always, any questions -  or to order - do please ask me,, but I don’t do sales talk, I won’t promise you’ll make millions and I’m not suggesting that this is sponsored by Amazon in any way (a lawyer told me to say that, obviously!).
Alun's Been Thinking (in general) ....
  • This “Spring Forward” thing would be a lot more popular if we moved the clocks ahead at 2pm on Monday.
  • Candles are just pet fires.
  • I discovered today, again, that 6 months is just enough time to forget how to adjust a car’s clock.
  • Your dog probably thinks that the dinner delivery guy is your owner as he hands you food.
  • Companies like Tandy, BestBuy and Circuit City sold us the computers that we subsequently used to put them out of business.
  • Every time you pick a four-leaf clover, all the other four-leaf clovers becomes a little bit rarer.
  • If you try to procrastinate and fail, you’ll succeed.
  • How come SpongeBob’s pants are not actually square?

Alun, who today is mostly eating food.
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