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This Schoolboy Doesn't Breed Crickets

Today: Why My Dropship Stores Work So Well + Haha! This Is Clever! And It's Less Than $25

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Today: Why My Dropship Stores Work So Well + Haha! This Is Clever! And It’s Less Than $25

Grand Central Terminal, New York. I love the Chinese cafe on the lower level. I'm in this photo, too. Grinning!
Why My Dropship Stores Work So Well
You’ll read a lot, no doubt, on various business models.
Usually written by sales people, who tell you all the wonderful features.
All the great ways you’ll be earning today.
How little work is involved.
And so on.
And yet you and I know that the reason that you read my newsletter every day is that I hate sales talk.
I hate these “get rich quick” schemes / scams and I get fed up of the emails that I get, daily, pouring into my email inbox (though they go mostly into spam, fortunately - thank you Gmail!)
Now, some of these offers are intrinsically good - it’s just that they stress all the “ease of use”, all the “profits”, all the “lack of work”.
And they ignore the hard bits.
Stuff like hosting, design, selling … and so on.
Now, I do understand why they do this.
They’re doing it to make a living, of course.
But they are constantly taking a very short term view.
Which is NEVER a good idea - in life OR in business - is it?
Dropshipping stores are a great example.
This year, for example, I’ve been inundated with promises for Shopify Stores.
How easy, how profitable, etc, etc.
They never mention the massive monthly costs.
Or how hard it is to add stock.
How hard handling orders are.
But, biggest of all, they never tell you that it’s close to impossible to work out precisely which items to offer.
They DON’T show you how to 
• choose only winning and best selling items
• choose the most trusted suppliers
• choose optimized product pages
• create professionally edited product information
• create fully edited high quality pictures
• search for products and how to import them easily
• … and you never get the correct recommended pricing markup
Now, if you’ve read many of my newsletters in recent months you’ll know that I have clients who are making great successes with Dropshipping Stores.
Because they allowed me to build the Stores for them.
At the risk of repeating myself, I 
- choose only winning and best selling items
- choose only the most trusted suppliers
- optimize the product pages
- professionally edit the product information
- professionally edit the high quality pictures
- make it silly easy for you to search and import more items, if you wish
- and I automatically allow a recommended pricing markup - one that works, both for your customer’s pocket - and for your profits.
- And you also get full training
- And a help-desk and private forum support
So, your success is guaranteed. 
Indeed you only pay half of the setup fee, with the balance due only a full year later, after you’ve made the promised profits.
You also only pay the once, to include all set up, all writing of descriptions, headlines, all the photography, a domain name, hosting, design, licences in perpetuity - everything.
Here’s what’s available today, with a delivery to you fully completed within 7 to 10 days, maximum.
However, please only read this if you’re serious about having a real business, one that can make you a very good income part time.
And can be grown into a full time business, if you wish.
Or can be sold for a multiple of your turnover.
One thing first, please.
I’m giving you the outline details of the business here.
But I won’t disclose more unless you’re seriously interested and have the time and money to run this.
I’m happy if you wish, to speak with you on Skype or by telephone of course, to progress this.
I really don’t have time for people who will waste mine and their time, sorry - but this is a business we’re talking about.
I’ll charge you a fee for setting up the business.
You need to work.
Don’t think just owning a business means you can retire tomorrow, please.
You’ll get full training, but you need to do what it shows if you want an income.
I can set you up, but you need to do the work to build the business ever bigger.
We’re taking about an online Dropshipping business, with 1,500 to 3,000 fast selling items already installed.
As you’ll have seen me mention many times, I’ve set many people up in this business with terrific results.
The only hard work, owners of current drop shipping stores tell me, is adding more items into the store - each one only takes a little time, but it all adds up, hence I will add 1,500 or 3,000 items to really get you going!
You never need to buy any stock.
Everything is shipped from the warehouse for you, with you and your customers automatically receiving continually updated tracking and delivery reports.
All items will be delivered free of charge, anywhere in the world.
This really increases sales and repeat orders, of course.
As orders come in each day (you are paid up front), you need to process the orders (each one only takes seconds, as this is fully automated).
You have instant cash flow, of course, with none of the downsides of other businesses - no stock, no premises, no phone calls, almost zero customer support.
To help you, you have my extensive training and a forum and help-desk.
There are 2 such online Stores available:
The first one is $10,000 and has a guaranteed first year profit (not income) of $20,000.
This store has 3,000 items.
You only pay half of this (so $5,000) now, and the balance is due in 1 years time, from your profits.
The second store is $7,000 and has a guaranteed profit of $11,000 in the first year.
This store has 1,500 items.
You only pay half of this (so $3,500) now, and the balance is due in 1 years time, from your profits.
To be clear, if you don’t make the agreed profit, you do not have to pay any of the balance at any time - that way, both you and I have every incentive to make you a success, of course.
The other great thing is that the stores are filled with items that people buy not only multiples of, but they also come back to repeat buy, time and time again.
You will need up to an hour a day to run a store (much less for the first month or 2), but the profits are exceptionally good.
The stock listings (descriptions, SEO, multiple photo’s, reviews), the software licence, the hosting, the SSL (https) security and the domain are included, along with the training.
You need no prior experience or knowledge to run a store.
Already completed for you:
  • The research on trends and demand
  • Ensured that there are thousands of positive (4 and 5 star) reviews from buyers worldwide, with their comments - these are all included within your store
  • Picked the products with the highest ratings and the best commercial potential
  • Checked the quality and feedback of products
  • Chosen trusted and reliable suppliers for you
If you want to see a (much smaller!) sample store, please see
First come, first served, please - it’s the only way I can do this, of course.
Do email me ASAP if you have any questions, please, or wish to reserve one of the 2 stores.

Haha! This Is Clever! And It's Less Than $25
If $5,000 is too much for you, I understand.
So do have a look at this, please.
It’s a proven fabulous way of instantly building a mega-sized list.
You know when you go on Facebook etc - and see those quizzes?
People complete them like crazy,
And they share them with friends …
And they willingly and happily give you their name, their email and their permission for you to email them ongoing.
And, now, it only takes seconds (and no money) to publish these quizzes.
And to get instant responses …
Here’s what my 3 testers achieved:
Tester 1:
10 quizzes created so far in September.
All based around “Your Favorite Jewelry”.
These quizzes created an instant mailing list of 830 people, all female aged between about 18 and 40.
All, obviously, very interested in jewelry.
She sent them 2 emails, directing them to her dropshipping online jewelry store.
Sales, so far, of $1,156.
Profit of $482.20
The quizzes took an hour to create - that’s for all 10.
She’s quicker now, of course!
Arranging the dropshipping for those orders took less than 30 minutes.
That’s about $300 an hour profit. You won’t do the same, I’m going to assume. But you might do better!
Tester 2:
4 quizzes produced last week.
All based around “Your Personality”
This created a mailing list of 312 people, of mixed ages and sex, aged mainly below 35.
He has 2 courses: 1 on how to get a better job and the other showing how to get a large pay rise in your current job.
He’s sold 2 of the first course and one of the 2nd. Already.
They sell for $197 each on He has no sales page etc.
And, because they’re online courses with no “delivery” costs, that’s almost $600 of profit.
Tester 3:
Started the last week of August, so about 3 weeks ago.
He’s a schoolboy, so he started this during his school summer holidays.
17 quizzes created, all on reptile care and advice (yeah, I know, but bear with me!)
Here’s the thing though.
These reptiles are very popular pets - and they eat crickets (yeah, I know, but bear with me!).
They eat about $1,000 per year of crickets, per reptile.
He sent them all a “Free Report - ‘Crickets Breeding Made Simple Guide’.
Which then offers a book for under $10, telling all you need to know about breeding crickets for eating (for eating by reptiles, of course, but I’ll assume you realized that by now!), saving these owners about $900/ year.
Here’s what’s really clever.
The book and sales page cost him nothing.
He just affiliated with it on the Clickbank Marketplace.
(The link is here, if you want to see it - and the affiliate page is here!)
He received 75% of the ebook price - $7.50 on each book. He doesn’t deal with deliveries or anything. It’s all taken care of for him, for free.
He made, so far, over $700. And the orders continue.
As do his quizzes, of course!
Oh, and he’s vegan, incidentally ….

Now, all three of the testers had no previous experience or knowledge.
  • One has an online store and made almost $500 - could that be you?
  • One has a course and made almost $600 - could that be you?
  • The schoolboy had nothing, zilch, zero and made over $700 - could that be you?
One other thing - they didn’t pay to test this - they just promised to let me report their results..
You’ll pay almost $25 (early bird price for Monday, only - it increases in price if you delay beyond today).
Bargain, I reckon ….
And the support team are US based.
Here’s the link:
(Oh, and yes, there is a $19.95 option. Just trust me, please, and take the $24.95 option. It’s MUCH better value).

Alun, who can’t imagine breeding crickets (shudder!) - but I LOVE his money-making method!
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