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Weekend Special From Alun Hill - As Promised

Today: Alun's Promised Weekend Special

Would An Extra $1,000 A Month Help You?

September 29 · Issue #241 · View online
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Today: Alun’s Promised Weekend Special

The Google "Answer Box"
As you know, I would never email you about anything I’ve not proven for myself.
And I’ve been trying something on my own sites for the last few weeks.
And it works, so I’m making it available to you this weekend.
There are three things that you need to know and understand first, though, please:

1) Please don’t overthink this, or try and improve it in any way - use it exactly as it’s presented to you, please.

2) More and more people use their voice to search Google. There’s already a billion voice searches on Google every month.

3) Google has added a special section right at the top of their pages to answer voice questions - see the graphic above. It’s called “The Answer Box” and is also known as “Position ZERO

This means that, if you do it right, any website can appear at the top of Google, instantly.
  • You can do this for your own Stores and websites.
  • And you can do it for anyone else, too on autopilot - for a nice lump of money - after all, who’d turn down the chance to see themselves at the top of Google?
The really good news is that everything needed to do this has been added into one online program - and you can have full access to it rightaway.

The program is called VoiceRank 360 and:

  • It Identifies Google Voice Ranking Factors
  • It Generates A PDF Voice Ranking Report
  • It Tells You Exactly How To Fix A Bad Score
  • It Gives You The Actual VoiceRanking Blueprint
  • It Includes Complete Voice Ranking Training
  • It Includes Voice Ranking Cheat Sheet
  • It Includes a Full Commercial Licence (so you can use it for your own sites- or for anyone else’s site - you just email them the automated report! No cold calling or horrible stuff like that …!)
  • .. and much more actually, as you’ll see!

I’ve taken up a chunk of your Saturday already, so please see the fuller details and a very good video here:
1) I should say that this is a very clever program, but a lot of time has also gone into making it simple and straightforward to use - which is nice, isn’t it!
2) I suggest that you charge a local company $50, bigger companies $150. The “work” is fully automated for you, please remember, so there’s no difference to you in the time taken!

Alun Hill, who adores things that are simple - and which work. This is both.
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