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Well, a lot has happened in a week. All good and profitable, fortunately!


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Busy, busy!
Well, a lot has happened in a week. All good and profitable, fortunately! 
Apologies for no newsletter for a few days (and thank you for the kind comments!).
Here’s the background:
A few weeks ago, I offered to build a complete dropshipping site for anyone who wanted one, subject to me only being able to do a few at a time.
Well, the first people are now seeing some very pleasing returns (that’s me understating the situation!) and have already made more than they spent to get the store.
Now, not everyone has done this - some haven’t done a little setup, for example, but those who followed my training fully are now happily grinning from ear to ear.

I’ve said for a long time that dropshipping is one of the few ideal businesses, as you have no stock, basically no work (if I set it up, you just need to follow the instructions to add your email and a few other things so that you see the orders - and I’ve improved that this week, too!).
You just tick a box to place each order automatically - the store program does all the email replies, delivery tracking, ordering, everything … fully automatically. 
You never see the items, you have no cashflow worries - the customers pay you upfront - and you offer free delivery anywhere in the world, which the wholesalers do automatically for you. 
Typical markups are 2 to 3 times, occasionally more, which is terrific!
The helpdesk (via Skype, email, phone, and Facebook) has been very well received too, understandably, as has the online training, which is packed with ideas, tips and help.
If you have bought a site, but haven’t “got going” yet, it’s not a problem - I’m here to help - just ask, please!

If you want a store (they’re $350 each now), email me please at and I’ll invoice you and get started. The wait time is about 7 days.

Alun's Been Thinking About Business ....
  • I’m thinking of starting a social media platform where the longer you don’t interact with a friend, the more their profile picture just fades away.
  • Toothpaste should be called MouthSoap.
  • If crypto-miners collectively donated one day of processing power a year towards finding cures for diseases, the whole world would hate them just a little less …
  • The guy who first wrote “rinse and repeat” on a shampoo bottle instantly doubled his profits.
  • Facial recognition on phones may be being used just to ensure you’re actively watching and paying attention to ads before showing the content.
  • Whether you think you can, or you think you can’t, you’re right. (Henry Ford).
  • And finally, for us older ones .. next year is the 50th anniversary of Woodstock. Shudder.

Have a profitable, smile-filled day, please!
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