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What I Didn't Tell You Yesterday - And Why

Today: What I Didn't Tell You Yesterday - And Why

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September 4 · Issue #221 · View online
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Today: What I Didn’t Tell You Yesterday - And Why

What I Didn't Tell You Yesterday - And Why
Almost in passing yesterday, I mentioned that it’s now possible to setup an online store, with products to sell included, for just $7.
Several of the people who read my daily newsletter, or my Medium, Twitter and Facebook posts, spotted it and went and spent their $7.
And they are very happy that they did.
However, 2 people mentioned to me that “it can’t be much good as I didn’t do some long sales letter, filled with hyperbole and statements to impress you into spending your $7”.
Or words to that effect, any way!
Here’s the thing.
I don’t do that.
If I tell you that something is good, that should be good enough.
Yes, I may have to link you to a “sales” page, so that you can see more, but you’re an adult and shouldn’t be swayed by weird claims.
Let me tell you something.
I was on a conference call the other day for what you might call a hot new niche.
And frankly, I was pretty excited.
True, the person doing the call was having a bit of trouble getting to the offer.
And when he finally got to the offer, he spent an awful lot of time telling the listeners how great it was.
Maybe TOO much time.
Have you ever been “over-sold?”
It’s when the person doing the selling winds up selling too much, and you decide not to buy a product you had fully intended to buy.
Like maybe you want to buy a car.
You’re ready to buy.
You’ve given the salesperson all the buy signals you can give.
But they keep going on and on and on and on about how freakin’ gosh darn amazingly GREAT the car is, and finally you give up and walk away instead of buying.
This is what happened to me.
I liked the information on the call.
I wanted to buy the offer, whatever it was.
Just tell me what it is and give me the order page.
But the seller kept hyping it up and hyping it up and by the time he finally got to the part where he said what it cost and where the sales page was, I had changed my mind.
I figured if he thought he needed THAT MUCH HYPE to sell it, then it couldn’t be very good.
Two weeks prior, something similar happened.
The guy on the call must have said 20 times, “It’s as easy as taking candy from a baby.”
Well, if it’s so gosh darn easy, why isn’t everyone doing it?
There was a bit of reality on the call when he briefly let one of his assistants talk for a bit, saying how excited she got when someone was struggling with this business but then started making sales.
Finally, a bit of truth.
I wanted to hear more from her.
I wanted to BUY from her, because I knew that she was being honest and would tell it like it is.
But he immediately took her off the call and went back to his “candy from a baby” nonsense.
I didn’t buy that product, either.
So here are my take-aways.
First, don’t over sell and don’t over hype.
  • People hate that.
  • And you will lose sales.
Second, be honest.
  • Tell me it’s going to take some work.
  • Tell me there’s a learning curve.
  • Tell me that you’ll be there to answer my questions when I get stumped, because I will get stumped.
It’s great to get excited and be enthusiastic.
But give your listeners some credit for intelligence, and they’ll be much happier.
Which is what I do ….
So, if you want hype, please don’t expect it from me.
If I say that something is worth you taking a moment to look at, it’s because I’ve looked at it and I can see that it would be useful to you.
And I only recommend those things that I CAN recommend. Not all the rubbish that I personally filter for you.
Oh, and if you understand now why I only mentioned these stores in passing and you want a better look, go to this link (but look at the facts, and ignore the hype, of course. The hype doesn’t lower the quality of the actual product!):
Thanks for the terrific responses to yesterday’s other little announcement.
I’m sorting responses now and will reply fully to everyone this week.

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