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What You Missed, Including A Complete Ready Made Business For $97

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Would An Extra $1,000 A Month Help You?

June 9 · Issue #147 · View online
INVEST IN YOURSELF: Over $100,000 of courses. You only pay $50/month or $300/year for full access.

  • A Complete Ready Made Business For $97
  • Last Chance: $1,000 A Month Guaranteed
  • Wow! Thank You!
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On a train, crossing the River Danube. No, I didn't break the window. Yes, I'm on the right.
A Complete Ready Made Business For $97
  • No profit sharing - You keep 100% of the money
  • No ongoing fees - everything is set up already for you with nothing more to pay, ever
  • Nothing to upload - it’s all done for you already
  • Nothing to configure - this is all done for you already
  • No website is needed - it’s included for you
  • No customer support needed - a fully staffed 24-hour help desk for your customers to use is included
Alun’s Bonus - you’ll also receive 50% commissions on upgrades that your customers buy!
Alun, Tell Me More!
  • All businesses, large or small, need to send emails to their customers.
  • They need to build a list.
  • They need autoresponders.
  • They need experts to handle all of this, too.
  • And all of that is horribly expensive.
You can offer a fully integrated package to do all this - and more - and you’ll only charge a $17 one-off fee - and you keep all of the money, remember.
This is something that everyone from small local businesses owners to the largest corporations have a need for, of course - and it’s at a price that doesn’t need to be thought about, either!
Personal comment: Too many companies are charging too much for online programs these days - when cloud computing and cheaper, faster, internet connections are the norm.
I’m looking at you, Mailchimp, GetResponse, LeadPages - and many more!
This replaces all of them - and is fully integrated into one package.
You need to order this today, as the number is severely limited, for what I trust are obvious reasons - so, it has to be “first-come, first-served” which I think is only fair, don’t you?
You will be able to launch this next Friday.
Now, you’re thinking “how do I get customers?” aren’t you!
Here’s the answer: Also next Friday, I’ll give you my personal latest course on how to do this for free - this is a $2,200 course with, of course, my help and assistance, as always. 
You just need to send me your receipt, please, as I don’t see your purchase details, of course, for privacy reasons.
Here’s the link, but I really cannot promise that this will still be available after today:
Last Chance: $1,000 A Month Guaranteed
I’ve covered this extensively this week - see:
Stage 1 - click, please
Stage 2: $17 - I recommend that you upgrade, though: Upgrade to Elite, with $12,700 of fully integrated software for a one-off fee
(This will increase to $77 every month if you don’t get it now at the one-off price). Enterprise version - $19,500 of fully integrated and easy to use software for a one-off fee.
 (This will increase to $197 if you don’t get it now at the one-off price).
Stage 3:
If you’ve bought both stages 1 and 2, please email me your receipt details (as I don’t see your details, for your privacy) and I will give you my free special course, Stage 3, which shows you how to combine Stage 1 and Stage 2.
Wow! Thank You!
I was inundated with really kind messages after my little announcement yesterday - so many that I haven’t had time to respond to everyone yet - but I will do so this weekend.
I was really pleased with every response - thank you - it’s really good to know that the work I do is appreciated!
Newsletter Timings
This newsletter has a new permanent issue time from this week at 
11:50 EST, 
08:50 PST, 
01:50 AEST (the next day!) and 
17:50 in Europe.
This makes it both easier for me wherever I am travelling to - and, mostly, better for you, too!

There was lots to get through this week, wasn’t there!
Do write, please!
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